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Mayan Zodiac: Manik-Deer

Mayan Day Sign Manik

Mayan Zodiac: Manik-Deer symbolizes an opening for all to show the spirituality of life. They symbolized the relationship between humans and nature.

Alternative Name: Deer

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are: accomplishments, intuition, family, ancestors, power, community, and spirit.

Position In Mayan Astrology

Deer is the seventh-day sign of the Mayan zodiac. It is also known as Manik.


Mayan Zodiac: Manik-Deer

General Characteristics

Just like the Deer in the forest, Maya Deer people love to wander. They need solitude to experience all the simple pleasures of life. They can wander around aimlessly.

Family is very important and they love to be a part of their community, but they also love their freedom and personal space. If they feel that someone is trying to diminish that space they will react immediately.

This may make it difficult to establish relationships because their need for freedom conflicts with traditional relationships. They can be surrounded by children, but may not have any of their own due to their love of personal space and freedom. They can make good advisers or even school counselors.


The Mayan astrology Deer sign hides their true selves from public view. They can be prone to falling in love easily and will try everything to make the relationship work. They are hurt easily by people who don’t keep their promises.The Mayan astrology Deer sign hide their true selves from public view

Deer are graceful and elegant. They are naturally drawn to any artistic pursuit. Because of their high morals and ideals, they make good role models. They are good protectors and stand for all that is good and in balance. They make great psychologists, musicians, poets, and writers.


Positive Traits

The Maya horoscope sign Manik has strong instincts and will do well to follow their feelings. They have a strong intuition and stand solid in the decisions they make. They have a sensitive side to them and only those close to them will get to see that private part of them.

The Deer people would be excellent executives or high-level officials because they are intelligent, good listeners, and have great senses. They know how to use their senses to find good career resources and opportunities.

Their health will be good because they have a natural strength and perseverance. They must be aligned spiritually to make sure the internal energy is also reflected in the external. If this falls out of balance they could become weak and sick.


Mayan Zodiac: Manik-Deer

Negative Traits

Maya Day sign Deer have high expectations and it is hard for people to measure up to their high standards. They are the defenders of others, but when it comes to themselves they are defenseless. If they don’t have inner peace they become bitter, angry, demanding, and violent.

They can become too dominant when they are out of balance. They demand authenticity from other people but may be too “by the book” to do any good to themselves or others.

Manik/Deer Days

A Deer Day is an excellent day for initiation. Thanking the ancestors for all of their wisdom and spiritual guidance is also a good way to honor the day. Ask for protection, healing, harmony, and balance on this day. Rituals were performed on the day of the Deer to give thanks to the ancestors.

Mayan Zodiac: Manik-Deer

Deer Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The lucky direction for the Maya Manik sign is WEST.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the Mayan Deer sign is BLUE.

Animal Totems: The animal totem for the Manik Mayan sign is DEER.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Maya zodiac sign Manik is AMAZONITE.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Manik / Deer Maya Day Sign: Ellen DeGeneres, Meryl Streep, Miley Cyrus

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: Deer has the direction of the West and is most compatible with other signs from the West such as Bird, Monkey, Dawn, and Rainstorm. They are also compatible with signs from the East such as Serpent, Offering, Knowledge, Reed, and Crocodile.

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