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Mayan Zodiac: Men – Eagle

Mayan Day Sign Men

Mayan Zodiac: Men – Eagle has double symbolic meanings to it. This symbol represents the sun and the moon.

Alternative Name: Eagle

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are prosperity, freedom, wealth, clarity, and destiny.

Position In Mayan Astrology

The Eagle is the fifteenth Mayan day sign and is considered one of the most powerful day signs. It is also known by the name of Men. In Mayan legend, the sun was a symbol for an eagle.


General Characteristics

Like the bird, Maya Zodiac Sign Eagle people love their freedom. They love to be free to explore. Eagles are free spirits who prefer to spend time alone vs. spending time with people. They love to escape from reality, from rules, and society in general.

This sign people need their freedom to find who they are so they can express themselves to their community and anyone who can benefit from their high view on life.

Their minds are always in the clouds and their imaginations know no bounds. They love to talk about philosophy and life and often make great professors as they have a lot of wisdom to pass on to their students.


In relationships, the Maya Eagle horoscope sign is quite lucky. They will have an easy time finding and keeping a relationship. Wealth comes just as easily to these people.

These people tend to have wonderful lives when they are in balance both spiritually and mentally. They can make good spiritual advisers, teachers, or anything in the healing profession such as doctors, psychologists, or even massage therapists.


Positive Traits

The Mayan Men sun signs tend to be perfectionists who pay attention to every little detail. They are very left-brained in that they think in very technical terms. This sign persons are attracted to subjects in science and philosophy and any subject they find mentally stimulating.

They are very intelligent and independent. These people are outgoing and friendly and have a personal magnetism that attracts and influences many people. They will focus their analytical minds to plot out a course of action and calculate what needs to be done to produce the best outcome.


Negative Traits

Eagle Maya sign people can get bored very easily and lose interest. When they are out of balance this makes it hard to have a successful relationship as they are prone to being unfaithful.

Their drive and uncontrolled ambition can make them over-step their boundaries to get what they want. They can be too opportunistic and irresponsible. They can keep their distance from others and are considered stand-offish and aloof.

Despite their powerful intellect, they can also be very by the book. They can be stubborn and stuck in their ways making it hard to break negative habits.

If they want to be more in balance they should remember to not take everything so seriously. Have a more laid-back attitude which will improve their personal and business relationships.

If they don’t take their mission in life seriously they are prone to have health problems that stem from worrying too much and from uncontrolled anger.The Eagle is the fifteenth Mayan day sign and considered one of the most powerful day signs.

Men/Eagle Days

An Eagle Day is a good time to ask for wealth or love. If you need protection for your business an Eagle day is a good day to ask. Ask for the protection of your family and friends. Those who are farmers or have crops may ask for them to be harvested without damage.

Eagle Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The lucky direction for the Maya Men sign is WEST.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the Mayan Eagle sign is BLUE.

Animal Totems: The animal totem for the Men Mayan zodiac sign is EAGLE or QUETZAL.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Eagle Maya sign is UNAKITE.

Famous Celebrities Born Under Men / Eagle Maya Day Sign: Michael Jordan, Christian Bale, Rachael Weisz

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: The direction of the day sign Eagle is the West and it is compatible with others signs from the West such as Deer, Monkey, Rainstorm, and Dawn. It is also compatible with signs from the East such as Serpent, Crocodile, Reed, Offering, and Knowledge.

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