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Kan seed lizard Mayan sign

Mayan Zodiac: K’an – Lizard

Mayan Day Sign K’an

Mayan Zodiac: K’an – Lizard has the energy of human growth and evolution as well as developing humans spiritually. It involves the process of the planets orbiting around the sun. It symbolizes wisdom, seduction, and time.


Alternative Name: Lizard, Snake, Seed

Important Keywords:

Keywords for Lizards to meditate on are Kundalini, justice, wisdom, strength, and flexibility.

Position In Mayan Astrology

The fourth Mayan Day Sign is Snake also known as Seed, Lizard, or K’an, the creator of the universe. It symbolizes an inner fire that is the foundation of life force. In some cultures, they refer to that energy as the Kundalini.


Mayan Zodiac: K’an – Lizard

General Characteristics

The snake Maya astrology sign is a charmer and perfectionist. They don’t mind being in the spotlight and want people to notice everything they do. They need people around them to offer support, and people love to be around them. People are generally attracted to them which makes it easy to always find themselves in a relationship.

Their natural athleticism will keep them strong and healthy over their lives. If their energy goes to their lower selves they can have chronic illnesses.

They require a lot of personal space and room to think to themselves. They have high goals for themselves and aim to achieve them through their hard work and dedication.

In tough times they remain on top because of their brave personality. They are also the voice of the people, oftentimes speaking up for what they believe in.


Positive Traits

Lizard Maya’s horoscope signs have a lot of sexual energy and can use their creativity as a positive outlet. They are natural leaders who choose to stay behind the scenes.

Despite being highly intelligent they lean more towards roles in athletics than in leadership. They need the physical outlet that athletics provides. These people may pursue a career as an athlete, engineer, or spiritual leader.


They are passionate people. In social settings, they are the life of the party and have a lasting impact on others. They don’t like to be around superficial people. Their family and friends are very important to them and their passion will come out in defense of them.

Mayan Zodiac: K’an – Lizard

Negative Traits

Seed Maya Sun sign people can lose themselves over flattery. On the outside, they appear to have bold egos, but on the inside, they can suffer from low self-esteem. They are not fond of being in the spotlight which can make them shy away from their true potential.

They are aggressive manipulative and overly sensitive to criticism from others. These people are sneaky and can be deceitful. They can be so self-absorbed in their interests and pursuits that they fail to notice what other people think of them.

When they are passionate about something they can be a bit too obsessive about it. They need to learn to focus their impulses on artistic outlets. This will also help them channel their high sexual energy to find some balance.lizard mayan sign

K’an/Lizard Days

A lizard day is a good time to ask for positive thoughts and the bringing together of couples. You may also wish to increase your strength and ask for loved ones you’ve lost touch with to return.

Lizard Symbolism

Lucky Direction: The cardinal direction of the Seed Maya sign is EAST.

Lucky Color: The lucky color for the Mayan Lizard sign is YELLOW.

Animal Totems: The Mayan K’an sign animal totems are Alligator and Lizard.

Lucky Gemstone: The lucky gemstone for the Maya Seed sign K’an is DUMORTIERIE.

Famous Celebrities Born Under K’an / Lizard Maya Day Sign: Bill Cosby, Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Grant

Mayan Astrology Compatibility: They are compatible with signs from the same direction such as Crocodile, Reed, Offering, and Knowledge. The Maya compatibility for this sign is also seen with their opposite signs from the West such as Monkey, Deer, Bird, Rainstorm, and Dawn.

Mayan Zodiac:

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