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Pray Dream Meaning

Praying In Your Dream – Meaning, Interpretation And Symbolism

Dreaming of Praying and Its Meaning

Praying is recognized in all cultures and religions all over the world. Prayers have been and continue to be a source of inspiration, strength, guidance, hope, confidence, and motivation for many people. A praying dream varies from individual to individual, depending on your faith and religion and things happening in your waking life.


Dreaming of praying might mean that you are losing faith in your religion. You feel your belief system has let you down a couple of times. You feel your prayers are not being heard, and you are frustrated. Instead of giving up on your faith, you need to remain strong, hopeful, and firm in your beliefs.

According to the praying dream dictionary, dreaming of praying signifies being optimistic. You always see the best in life no matter what happens to you. Even in the darkest periods, you will find a light that will continue guiding you on the right path. Negative energies will go away from your life because positive energies thrive.


Praying dreams might also be a sign of powerlessness and issues with your self-confidence. You feel as if things are getting away from you, and there is nothing you can do to remedy the situations you find yourself in. When you feel stressed and cannot handle things on your own, seek guidance and help.

Dreaming of praying might also be a sign that you need help with your spiritual life. You are looking for the divine realm and your divine guides to listen and answer your prayers.

Praying Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of Praying to God

According to the praying dream dictionary, this dream is a sign that you will soon receive the rewards of your hard work. Everything you have been praying for will be granted unto you. New opportunities will come into your life that will enable you to achieve your goals and aspirations.


This dream signifies that a period of abundance, success, happiness, and joy will come into your life. Celebrate your achievements with your loved ones and friends. You will receive peace of mind you never thought possible.

Praying to Satan in Your Dream

The praying dream symbol, in this case, signifies challenging times to come. You will encounter setbacks that will derail your growth and progress. Stop making bad decisions that keep costing you your hard work.

This dream signifies feeling hopeless and neglected. You feel like no one wants to be there for you; therefore, you choose to rebel instead of staying on the right path. Your life is in your hands. You better start making things right before things go out of control.


Stop trusting the wrong people because they are happy when you are miserable. Take a step back, look at your life, and make the right decisions.

Dreams About Praying in a Temple

Based on the praying dream analysis, this dream means that you are ready to make things right in your life. You are ashamed of your actions in the past. Own up to your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Clean up your act and start doing things that are good for you.

Seeing a Dream About Praying in a Church

This dream signifies that you are ready to work on restoring your relationship with God. You feel the need to have divine presence and guidance in your life. Work on your faith and remain true to your belief system.

Dreaming of praying in a church is also a sign that you are ready to approach life with a positive attitude.

What Does Praying with Someone Else Mean in Your Dream?

According to the praying dream symbolism, this dream symbolizes having a great support system in your friends and family. People respect and admire you because of how you live your life. You live an upright life that leaves a positive impression on others.

This dream means you are surrounded by people you can always trust to have your back. You should always be grateful for your blessings. Never take such people for granted because they will always show up for you.

Dreaming of Praying for Your Parents

This dream is a sign that you need guidance and advice in your life. You are going through a conflicting period in your life, and you cannot come up with sound decisions on your own. Do not make mistakes in the name of being independent. At times you need other people to lead you on the right path.

Dream About Praying for the Dead

Dreaming of praying for the dead signifies running out of ways to solve your problems in your waking life. It is also a sign that you feel guilty for something you did in the past that hurt someone badly. The time has come for you to make things right.

Praying with a Rosary in Your Dream

In this case, the praying dream symbol symbolizes good luck. You will realize your goals and be sure of a bright future. This dream also signifies that love and romance will thrive between couples.

Dream About Praying for Someone

This dream signifies compassion and kindness. You find joy and happiness in helping others improve their lives. Continue doing good, and the divine realm will bless you abundantly. Always protect the people you hold dear to your heart.

Dreaming of Praying for a Sick Person

This dream signifies that you want to make someone better in your life. You are not happy with their behavior; therefore, you feel the need to lead them in the right direction by being their mentor. As you volunteer to be there for them, do not chase them away by being too rigid.

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