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9 Tips To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Wife

9 Tips To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Wife

Unsure of what to do or what to expect when your wife is pregnant? Many men find pregnancy to be a confusing and difficult time even though they are not the ones carrying the baby.

This article will outline some of the most basic, but also the most important, things that every husband should keep in mind while his wife is expecting.


#1. How you Respond to the News of the Pregnancy is Important

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when you first find out that your wife is pregnant is that how you react to the news can easily set the tone for the rest of the pregnancy.

For the best results, act brave. While finding out that your wife is pregnant may make you nervous, you need to act like you are excited and prepared. You need to be there to support her for the next nine months and years after that as well.

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#2. Mood Swings Come & Go

Pregnant women have many mood swings throughout their pregnancy. Image the mood swings that your wife has while she is having menstrual cramps, and then imagine that going on for months.


It may be frustrating for you, but it’s going to be even more frustrating for her. Be prepared for these mood swings, and just deal with it when they happen. They come and go, but they rarely last for long.

#3. Her Body is Changing Drastically

While your wife is pregnant her body will change. Not only will her stomach get larger, but it is likely that her body will be sore all over because of all the added baby weight.


While this won’t happen overnight, it can still be painful when it does happen. Don’t comment on her weight. Instead point out her positive features and support her when she has low self-esteem.

#4. Romance isn’t Dead

Just because your wife is pregnant doesn’t mean that she won’t want to go on dates anymore.

Keep the romance in your marriage alive even when your wife is pregnant. This will make her feel more appreciated as well.


#5. Your Sex Life is Likely to Change

A pregnant woman’s hormones are out of whack, to say the least. Some days she won’t even want to think about sex, and on other days that’s all she’ll be thinking about. Don’t bug her about sex if she doesn’t want to have it, as this will just make her irritable.


Simply take the opportunity when she’s in the mood. It is also likely to take her a few months to get back into the normal swing of her sex life after the baby is born as well.

#6. She Will Need More Help than Normal

As she gets farther along in her pregnancy she is likely to need more help around the house and with other things as well.

She is basically doing a big favor to you by carrying your child, so the least you can do is a few chores to make her life a little easier.

#7. She’ll Want you to be Involved

Make sure that you put in your whole effort throughout the pregnancy! Help her pick out baby names, go to her birthing classes with her, and especially make sure to go to her doctor’s appointments with her.

These may seem like little tasks to you, but it will mean the world to her that you are involved in the pregnancy.

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#8. She’ll Need you to be Educated on Pregnancy

As you go to classes you will begin to learn more about pregnant women, but you should also take the time to read a few books or watch a documentary or two on the subject.

Know what is healthy for your wife and future baby, and use what you learn to take care of them the best that you can.

#9. Most Importantly, Keep Calm

This is a very stressful time for couples, especially for the wife. The best thing you can do is be there to be supportive. Even though you may feel panicked on the inside, try to act calm on the outside.

This will do a great deal to make your wife feel more at ease. You need to act strong so that your wife can feel confident as well.

Hopefully these tips have given you a better idea of what’s important to know while your wife is pregnant.

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