Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

A Fortune Cookie is a small hard hollow cookie that usually has a slip of paper with the saying printed on it inside. These cookies certainly are appropriate for looking at the course of a single day.

The slip of paper will have the fortune. This is a form of divination and because of the commercial nature perhaps a little less accurate than some. The Fortune Cookie Reader is still a great deal of fun and completely free. Your reading will be ready in just moments.Fortune

The history behind the concept of the fortune cookie is not at all clear but it is a form of divination. That being said, it is believed that the fortune cookie originated in historic China. In that era it was believed to have been a royal game available only to members of the royal family.

The shaped hollow cookies contained pieces of paper with subjects and were offered to the participants. When the players opened the cookies there would be a wise quote or clever saying on the set subject, or perhaps it was even a part of Chinese astrology.

In 2014 fortune cookies and the enclosed quotes are very popular. The cookies themselves are quite tasty but the fun is in the sayings. Anything from you will meet a handsome man today, to good fortune smiles on you, to Confucius saying.

Fortune Cookie Reading

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Yes, they are a form of divination but they are somewhat lighthearted in the Western world. All of us at some point have found a fortune in a cookie that was just what we were hoping for.

While these may not be the most inspired form of divination certainly they can give you an idea as to the current day. With the commercialization of fortune cookies, they would tend to be less significant than when they would have been prepared for individuals. There is a great fortune cookie reader, which is free and which you may enjoy.

Although small things like fortune cookies bring us pleasure, and should be thoroughly enjoyed and seen as what they are: good clean healthy fun.

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