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Crystal Magic – Specialized Crystal Charging

Focused Crystal Charging For Magic

If you are working a particularly important bit of magic, then you may want to fine tune your crystal to work to the task at hand. Fine charging a crystal involves creating a ritual location that will reflect the energies you specifically wish to infuse it with. Let’s assume that you are wanting to charge a crystal to banish negativity from a home.

A commonly selected crystal for this purpose is amethyst, associated with the removal of stress, assisting in sleep, removing bad luck and negative energy.

We will be going back to using sand as part of the foundation of this charging. This is a useful, relatively easily obtainable substance that can be found in just about any color.

With color being deeply relevant to all forms of magic, this makes it quite invaluable. The central focus of this stone’s power is to be banishing, so black sand will be a good foundation, but we’ll be including white for its purifying potential.

amethyst is a good crystal for magic

How To Do Specialized Crystal Charging?

Filling our ritual bowl with the black sand, we will place the Amethyst, terminus DOWN in the center of the bowl. The terminus of a stone directs the energy from the stone. This will reinforce that we are wanting the stone to gather energy and ground it out, rather than retain it. Once this is done you will pour the blessed water into the bowl, saturating the sand.

This serves two purposes, one of which is to purify the crystal and sand, the other to help make the sand ‘firm’. Around the crystal you will want to etch, using a toothpick, your bolline, or anything with a narrow tip that will enable you to ‘draw’ in the sand. While you can use the runic system, or symbols of your choice, in this case we will be drawing the Nauthiz rune into the sand in each of the four quarters.

You will then take the white sand, and carefully fill in the groove you’ve drawn, visualizing white purifying energy filling the runes, leaving them with a residual glow. This having been done, you will place alternating white and black candles around the bowl, having prepared them for a purification ritual. If you don’t know how to do this, there is another article to be found here on crystal purification. Use the Nauthiz rune in preparing those candles as well.

You will want to prepare for this  magickal ritual to be done during the last night of the last quarter of the moon, the night before the first night of the New Moon. With everything prepared, outdoors if possible, indoors in a prepared location if necessary, you will light each of the candles, starting at the ‘top’ and going ‘widdershins’ or counter-clockwise around the bowl.

Each night for three nights, you will repeat this process of crystal magic with freshly prepared candles, and another measure of blessed water. Be sure to cover the bowl before sunrise, and to uncover it just before sunset, taking advantage of those fading energies to aid in the banishing properties of the working.

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One additional step you may consider for a later process, is using wax and an etching acid, to actually etch the Naudhiz rune into the crystal, permanently marking the banishing rune into the stone.

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