Effects of Eclipses – How To Deal With Them?

What Are the Effects Of Eclipse On humans?

Fears and feelings are closer to the surface. The very real concern for the safety of home and family has created new goals for greater protection and assertiveness in your private lives. During these turbulent times, the world is teetering on an unprecedented evolutionary edge.

The future is up to you this time, everyone counts. It is so important to choose, speak, and live your lives more fully and more honestly every day.

#1. Lunar Eclipse

The full moon Lunar Eclipse illuminates the need to act from the heart, to show compassion and concern for others, to recognize personal and collective power, and to face the fears which hold you back. As you let your light shine, you give others permission to do the same. As you exude the confidence of inner security, you allow yourself and others to create a world of peace and abundance.

The rewards are yours to define. The veils of illusion are lifting making it possible to create greater magic in your lives. What you seek and what you dream for yourself and your world can more readily be yours. Your happiness and success can have greater depth and meaning. You can discover your true more spiritual self

Wonderful Meditation Exercise

A wonderful exercise to help you conquer your inner resistance and to accept greater love and prosperity would be as follows:

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Now take another slow luxurious breath and visualize yourself sitting by a campfire. Open all your senses. Hear the crackling wood and smell the pine from the forest surrounding you. See the flames dancing and lose yourself in the rhythm of their dance.

Know that with the flames, your fears burn into ashes and reunite with the earth. You may see in the flames what the resistance is, or you may just find yourself gazing into the fire. Keep your focus. As you take another breath, see your dreams manifest before you and feel the power of new beginnings.

By bringing yourself here, know that God/Goddess, all that is, will take you the rest of the way; and that you have chosen to anchor your new vision and agreed to fulfillment in your life; and so we let it be.

At this time, more so than ever before, the rewards are yours to define, yours to receive! As we move into uncharted territory, I will meditate for you to move beyond your personal resistance to remember the effortless ways of the flow of creation and the ease of manifestation, to marvel at the wonder and allow the peace of love.

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