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Tom Osborne

Birthday :

February 23, 1937

Also Known For :

Coach, Administrator, Football Player, Politician

Birth Place :

Hastings, Nebraska, United states of America

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It is at Nebraska, the United States that Memorial Stadium is stationed. That is not news, what’s interesting is that the stadium is now known as Tom Osborne field in his honor. Known as a former American Football Player and Coach, Tom Osborne led as the Head Coach of the Nebraska University football team. He is still defined as the crème de la crème when it comes to his coaching techniques. For over a decade, Tom did what he knew best. It was nothing else than more wins under Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. Before hailing as the foreman of Nebraska team, Tom once acted as a graduate assistant under Bob Devaney.

Throughout his career, Tom has made credible achievements that made his country proud globally. Under his coaching, the Nebraska team fathomed like no one’s business. It was there that his team earned .850 percentage and 250-5—4 record. His vast knowledge and versatility was recognized by several institutions including the National Football Foundation. Without further ado, he was instated into the Hall of Fame in 1998.In 2000 he opted to join the world of politics as a United States Representative. Let’s see what he has in store for us.

Tom’s Personality

Tom Osborne is considered as the most creative and friendly person on earth. He loves to be surrounded by all kind of traits hence welcoming different talent. Above all, Tom loves to set some alone time where he observes what he loves to do best. Not to mention he loves nature to the core. At his best, Tom is intuitive, charitable and imaginative. He destined to change the world, all thanks to his positive attitude and apt for greatness. It comes to a point where Tom feels that he has succeeded when he has helped others on the way. As an active individual, Tom’s character can briefly be summarized to that of aluminum. It is a strong metal that symbolizes originality and wisdom just like Tom.


Childhood And Early Life

On February 23rd, 1937 Thomas William Osborne was first seen in the world in Hastings, England. He first joined Hastings High School where he impressed many for his knack in both football and basketball. Before completing his education, he was named as an Athlete of The Year under Omaha World-Herald. Afterward, he opted to follow his father’s footsteps when he enrolled at Hastings College. Before graduating with a B.A in 1959, Tom participated in sports such as basketball and football. Afterward, he teamed up with National Football League where he played as a receiver for two seasons.



After some time Osborne opted to team up with Cornhusker team as a coaching staff. He then volunteered to work as a coaching assistant under Bob Devaney in 1960s.It was after two seasons that he was appointed as an assistant coordinator.

At 57 years of age, Tom was appointed as an athletic director in 1972. Afterward; he got a seat as leading coach. It was in 1973 after his team won that Osborne managed to remain in the seat for 25 seasons.

Early in 1991, Osborne and his dearest wife, Nancy founded a program called Teammates. It was after announcing his retirement that Osborne joined the political world. He joined the United States House of Representatives where he remained for the next three years. In 2007 he was appointed as a serious lecturer at Nebraska where he taught business and leadership skills. It was also the same year that he worked as an athletic director of Nebraska after Coach Callahan.


Tom Osborne’s Major Works

For 25 years, Tom served as the Head of Coach which is still considered as the longest tenure. It is also considered as the most major work that he did think out his career. It was under his rule that the team achieved profitable returns.


Personal Life And Achievements

For his up-skill standard, Tom Osborne was first instated into the College Football Hall of Fame. In 2000 he received Thorpe Lifetime Achievement Award followed by ESPN recognition. When it comes to his personal life, Tom tied a nuptial knot with Nancy. The couple has two daughters called Suzanne and Ann and a son called Mike. As a trivia, Tom wanted to promote gambling deals where he joined the Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers. It is voiced that in 2006 Tom vied for a Governor seat in Nebraska where Dave Nabity defeated him in 2006.

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