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Stephen Fry

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August 24, 1957

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Hampstead, England, United Kingdom

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Stephen Fry’s father was an inventor and a physicist while his mother was Marianne Eve, who had Jewish heritage. He was born in London in the city of Hampstead on August 24th in the year 1957. He attended Uppingham School and grew up in Norfolk and also in Stout's Hill. He spent three months in jail for a fraud that had to do with the credit card. He attended Queen’s College and graduated in the 1981 to 1982 session with a second class upper.

Stephen was a member of the drinking club called Cherubs while in school and was also a part of Footlights with Thompson. He became friends with Martin Bergman and Tony Slattery at this time, and Hugh Laurie came along later on.

Early Acclaim         

Stephen Fry struck a partnership early on with Hugh Laurie and in 1981 that led to the Footlights revues. This was notable in the Edinburgh Festival and Mayweek among others. He set for a tour of Australia over the next three months with mixed reviews. He set to rewrite the Noel Gay musical titled Me and my Girl in 1984 after he was contracted to do so. This work gave him a leap into the millionaires club just before he was 30 years old. Fry set his focus on the course and lit up his career on TV with The Cellar Tapes in 1982. This review was done with Hugh Laurie as well as Tony Slattery and Emma Thompson.

Stephen Fry was hired by Granada Television on the set of There's Nothing to Worry About! Here, he worked with Thompson and Hugh Laurie on this feature along with Ben Elton. He showed up on other serials such as Happy Families, Alfresco and The Young Ones. As the eighties turned halfway, he was starred in Blackadder II and subsequently in Blackadder Goes Forth. Stephen also played General Melchett in the film, Blackadder's Christmas Carol. He was a feature also in the 90’s series, Jeeves, and Wooster. Once again, Hugh Laurie starred with him.


The BBC Reign

The BBC’S Absolute Power was his next port of call in 2003, and this was a comedy series on channel 2. Stephen Fry’s hosting of Q1 or Quite Interesting also began in 2003, and this was a John Lloyd production, who worked with a panel that included Alan Davies. The Story of Light Entertainment was up for screening in 2006 and in July. He narrated this documentary and it was hosted on BBC. The show had eight episodes in all and featured double acts, chat shows and comics.

Stephen was up again for a series on BBC that saw him travel the states of America with the exception of the state of Arkansas. In this 6-part serial, he traversed the USA on a cab. Fry’s Planet Word also showed on BBC, and this was a 5-hour production that screened on two channels of the BBC in 2011. He explored the subject of language on this score.

When the opera adaptation, Paul Bunyan was staged, Stephen Fry had his voice in once again for the title role. This was composed and attributed to Benjamin Britten. It was also staged in August 2013 as part of the Welsh National Youth Opera.


Other Notable Mentions

The popularity of Stephen Fry took a spike with the screening of A Bit of Fry & Laurie on BBC1 and BBC2. This was between 1989 and the year 1995. The show also starred Hugh Laurie. He put his mood disorder in the public burner in 2006 by releasing a 2-part TV documentary -Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive; He x-rayed here the wonderful experiences of those individuals who had to put up with living with this condition.

His 1997 autobiography was titled Moab Is My Washpot, and it covered his first two decades on earth. He released a continuation of the series in 2010 with the title The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography. Among Stephen Fry’s many hallmarks include the number of websites he owns such as The New Adventures of Mr. Stephen Fry. This portal gets a lot of hits from his internet fans.



Stephen Fry is known as Britain’s Favorite Teddy Bear and has a coterie of teddy bears. He has also done a documentary on teddy bears. He is a digital buff and has his hands also on the Internet along with cutting-edge developments around the cyber world. Fry bagged a couple of honorary doctorates in the six years to 2011 from Cardiff University, Anglia Ruskin University as well as University of Sussex and University of Dundee. He was named Mind Champion of the Year in 2007 and also got the British Academy Awards for The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive. His category here was for the Best Factual Series.


Charitable And Goodwill Efforts

Stephen Fry set up the charitable effort the first "Hysteria" benefit to support the Terence Higgins Trust. He is into numerous charitable trusts and for the support of the community and those in need. Outside of television and films, he also took a role in Forty Years On by Alan Bennett and in The Common Pursuit by Simon Gray. Other playwright sessions like Cell Mates and Look Look, were less of a success. He has also seen off four novels on the shelves, and these were abstracts of his life as a radio and media act. His novel, The Liar, is also on audio tape and was released in 1995.



Stephen Fry has an older brother known as Roger. His agent is his younger sister, who is seven years younger than him, Jo Foster. He is rated among the world’s most influential gay men.

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