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Nia Lovelis

Birthday :

January 1, 1997

Birth Place :

Orangetown, New York, United States of America

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Chinese Zodiac :


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Nia Lovelis is an actress and a musician specialized as a drummer and a member of the rock band &ldquoHey Violet&rdquo


Nia Lovelis was born as Szatania Angelika MorzeEnea on January 1, 1997, at Pearl River Hilton Hotel in Pearl River, New York. She lived in Orangetown. She comes from a family of musicians. Ana Lovelis, her mother, was an actress and a musician. Her father was a keyboard technician. The family used to invite many musicians. Nia Lovelis and her sibling Rena Lovelis took keen interest in music in their childhood. Nia Lovelis started playing drums. .



Nia Lovelis started practicing Drums at the age of seven in a garage where her parents had installed a Roland V-Drums. Nia took some lessons to improve her knowledge and admitted into a band group. Nia Lovelis was not satisfied with her experience and decided to have her own genuine band. Further, to make herself a better drummer, she competed with children of age.

Nia Lovelis at the age of eleven she competed with very talented girls when she was called by a company who wanted to recruit teenage girls. She in 2018, while she was still in the middle school, founded an all-girl band group &lsquoCherri Bomb&rsquo. Julia Pierce and Miranda Miller and Rena Lovelis, among others, were members of Cherri Bomb rock group. Nia Lovelis and her sister have remained in the group as permanent members. The band became popular by announcing studio albums, plays, singles and music videos.

Nia Lovelis, in the early stage of her career, as an amateurish drummer was too much stressed and was not properly adjusting her sets. She started watching her preferred drummers such as Josh Freese, Ilan Rubin, Stewart Copeland and others who were famous at that time. Nia&rsquos celebrity teacher and manager, Samantha Maloney also taught her how to keep her instruments in the right position; stick control gave her many tips. She was also advised of the significance of warming up. Nia Lovelis was even told by many musicians that teenage musicians are not easily recognized. Nia&rsquos hard work, continuous practice bear fruits and she rose to Meteoric heights.


Private Life

Nia Lovelis was loved by many musicians. She had an affair with a professional drummer Brennan Benko of False Puppet. Their relations did not go for long, and they separated. She and vocalist Calum Hood have been sited together many times since 2015 and is surmised that they are dating.

Nia Lovelis has a fashion for tattoos on her body..

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