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Michael Tippett

Birthday :

January 2, 1905

Died On :

January 8, 1998

Birth Place :

Eastcote, England, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign :


He is typically known as Sir Michael Tippett; he was a composer and humanitarian of the 20th-century.The scoop of his work comprised of four symphonies, choral settings, five operas, five string quartets and several songs. He perfectly knew how to combine his musical voice that illustrated The Vision of Saint Augustine art. Spending three months in jail didn’t allow him to sleep on his dreams; he came to express himself through music. In short, that’s how he started his career. He also became the first composer to announce he was a gay in public. For the rest of his life, Michael stagnated to his music career where he started to record his songs.

Childhood And Early Life

Arthur John Ensor, a renowned painter, shared the same day, year and month of birth with Michael Tippett. Both were born on January 2, 1905, in Eastcote, London, England. Michael was lucky that he never lacked basic needs. Henry William Tippett, Michael’s father, was a famous lawyer and a businessman. Isabel Clementina Binny Kemp, her mother, was a charity worker and labor party member. Right from his childhood days, Michael’s talent was visible even to the unknown. He received a scholarship where she joined Fettes College, but he later moved to Stamford School in Lincolnshire. Here he learned how to translate different chords under Frances Tinkler. Not to mention he became a remarkable pianist.

Michael got interested in modern music when he heard the Ravel’s Mother Goose, a French Composer. There and then his thirst for music commenced. In the course of the First World War, Michael’s family passed the test of life. They humbly obliged where they moved to Europe. Tippet opted to secure his career by compositing other people’s works including Stanford’s musical composition copy. Before learning his first composing lessons from Charles Wood, he joined Royal College of music in 1923.When Wood died; he went and added more knowledge by personating Dr. C. H. Kitson style.



After a while, Tippet earned his first job in Oxted, Surrey. He used to organize a concert with the aim of finding his destiny. In 1929, he served as a music teacher at a nearby school. He continued tremendously where he came to produce his works including The Village Opera traditional ballad. From 1930 his songs featured in Oxted programs. To up his musical career, Tippet joined R. O. Morris style of music. The training helped him to achieve more than he imagined.

Michael started to compose political music. In 1939, he witnessed his first masterpiece A Child of Our Time. He got a chance to perform for the first time in 1944.


Awards And Achievements

From 1966 to 1996, Tippett received more recognition including the Order of the Merit. His 1989 Opera New Year premiered in the U.S.He later published his autobiography in 1991.He was then honored on his 90th birthday with notable events in the US, Canada Britain.


Personal Life And Legacy

Even though Michael paraded his sexual stance at his tender age, the anxiety of living a healthy life surrounded his self-esteem. He envied women and men who had attractive looks. For the rest of his middle life, he had several affairs with the ladies. He dated Evelyn Maude, the closest friend who helped her through thick and thin. He later met with Wilfred Franks, a painter who smoothed his love life. He felt the qualm of real and heated love. In the mid of 1966, Michael moved to London due to a short illness. Afterward, he came up with his foundation; The Michael Tippet Musical Foundation in 1979. He later suffered from a pneumonia complication where he died in England in 1998.

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