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John Fowles

Birthday :

March 31, 1926

Died On :

November 5, 2005

Also Known For :

Journalist, Novelist, Writer, Teacher

Birth Place :

Leigh-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom

Zodiac Sign :


John Fowles career began when he was serving as a teacher in a prestigious school. It was after a short while that he wrote and published his first novel called The Collector. The book was defined as the most incredible work that brought forth the postmodernism and modernist techniques. It was also the book that paved the way for amazing readings and novels including The Aristos, Daniel Martin, and The Ebony Tower. Though a strained disease seemed to have taken a toll on his career, the grandee received positive acclaims throughout his life. It came to a point where he was unable to talk and walk, but this didn’t hinder him to garner a record holder in the field of literature. He loved to write about social life, postmodernism, feminist and personal relationship. Read further to know more about his early and later life.

Childhood And Early Life

On March 31st, 1926 a duo called Gladys May Richards and Robert John Fowles were blessed with a son in England, Leigh-on-Sea, and Essex. He was none other than John Roberts Fowles whose life changed abruptly due to his mother’s death at the age of six. It was there that John befriended his cousin Peggy Fowles. John enrolled at Alleyn Court Preparatory School where he was later taken to Bedford School in the 1930s.Right from the start; John was loved by the school’s administration, all thanks to his intellectual abilities. He excelled both in academics and sports. After his graduation in 1944, John joined Edinburgh University where he majored in a naval course. Afterward John was taken to Okehampton Camp where he served as a military officer for two years. He then joined New College in Oxford where he studied German and French. It was during this time that he read Albert Camu’s works.



After the completion of his graduation, John went to spend some time at the University of Poitiers. He later joined Korgialenios School of Spetses where he served as an English teacher. It was also the time that he started to write and summarize his first novel called The Magus. Although he started off with The Magus, he began to jot down one of his best-written works called The Collector. It is the only novel that contains his biography and postmodern themes. He received well-acclaimed reviews that made him resign from his previous position. This gave him a chance to pursue nothing else than literature.

After a short pause of settling down, John wrote and published his first book titled The Aristos in 1964.He followed it up with The Collector in 1965.For a year John went to stay in London where he managed to publish a novel titled The Magus in 1966.The book comes with a thrilling story of a humble man who craved for nothing else but adventure but when he found what he wanted he got devastated at the end.

In 1969 John wrote and published The French Lieutenant’s Woman followed by The Ebony Tower. The two books paved the way for more adaptations both in films and television. The Ebony Tower’s success, made John publish Shipwreck in 1974.In 1977 he authored and published an English novel titled Daniel Martin.


John’s Later Works

In 1978 and 1982, Fowles wrote some books that he came to release later on. Some of the notable ones include The Tree, Island, The Enigma of Stonehenge and Mantissa. Some of the mentioned works received negative critics and didn’t cross the path of success like his previous writings.

In 1985 John authored a novel titled A Maggot which was titled as one of his most incredible and significant works. It was also the same year that he wrote and published The Land with the help of Fay Godwin.
In 1990 he published a novel titled Lyme Regis Camera followed by Wormholes. Towards the end of his career, he authored The Journals Volume one and two in 2003.


Personal Life And Achievements

From the 1960s to 1990s John received notable awards and recognition. Some of them include the Silver Pen Award, Smith Literary Award, and Christopher Award among others. When it comes to his personal life, John first got married to Elizabeth Christy in 1954.After calling it quit to the first union, he married Sarah Smith in 1998. It was on 5th December 2005 that John Fowles breathed his last in the United Kingdom.

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