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Liv Tyler

Birthday :

July 1, 1977

Birth Place :

New York City, New York, United States of America

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Liv Tyler took a unique beauty and perhaps the most creative set of lips from his father, Steven Tyler. He made her way into acting through the planet of modeling. Since her innovative role in the 1990s, Stealing Beauty film, she materialized as a great performer. She dropped her modeling career for her acting profession. As an all-time actress, she cemented her early career when she starred in The Lord of The Rings as Arwen. Before fame, Liv took a small role in her father’s recording video Crazy in partnership with Alicia Silverstone. She also made her stance in a 2014 HBO series The Leftovers. Read further to know more about Liv’s early and later achievements.

Liv’s Personality

Liv Tyler carries a soft and gentle heart that is loved by all. Her current life is defined by her past: the heritage, family, memorable events and roots. Above all, she makes sure that her home is a haven for her loved ones. Her wittiness gives her a chance to brighten her day. However, Liv hates to deal with unkind and inconsiderate personnel. She avoids this by focusing on her future goals and outstanding sales. Tyler loves to have a current update on her life, all thanks to her principles. Throughout her acting and modeling career, Tyler has shown resounding results of hard work and industrious nature. Quite young at heart, Tyler is an affectionate and loving being.


Childhood And Early Life

On 1 July 1977, Liv Rundgren Tyler was born in New York City in the United States to an American singer, Steven Tyler, and model Bebe Buell. Both of her parents rose to fame as multi-talented musicians. Liv spent most of his childhood life trusting that a rock singer Todd Rundgren was her father. Before attending the Waynflete School, she joined Breakwater School in Maine. As she continued to grow, she noticed that she had a close resemblance with Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler. Her protective father was a close friend of Bebe’s family. When she discovered that Steven was her biological father, she adopted his last name as her own. At fourteen years old, Liv realized that she had gained weight which she despised to the core. It was here that she opted to major in modeling to forgo her preteen feeling.



Liv Tyler went to New York where she pursued modeling. After several turns, she appeared in Mirabella and Seventeen cover magazines. In 1994 she opted to taste another career but still in the entertainment industry. She took an acting role in 1994 where she appeared in a short commercial followed by a film called Silent Fall.

After two years, Liv acted like a teenage waitress in the Heavy film followed by Stealing Beauty. Both of the mentioned films brought her career into the limelight. It was at this time that she starred in a movie called That Thing You Do. From 1997 to 1999 Liv played different genres including Inventing the Abbotts, Armageddon, and Onegin. In the middle of his entire busy schedule, Tyler was named as the 50th Most Beautiful People in 1997.

In the mid of new millennium, Liv cast in films like Dr. T and the Women’s that also starred Kate Hudson. One Night at McCool’s film followed which concrete way to The Lord of the Rings in 2001. From 2004 to 2008 Tyler appeared in notable films like Ring over Me, The Strangers, The Incredible Hulk among others.2011 was a busy year for Liv where she starred in two great films The Ledge and Super. She took a short pause, and in 2013 she reprised back to her career and this time she appeared in a recurring role in Space Station 76.


Personal Life And Achievements

From 1999 to 2004, Liv Tyler was recognized with several awards including the Russian Guild, National Board of Review Award, Choice Award, and Screen Actors Guild among others. For three years, Liv had a romantic relation with Royston Langdon. They married in 2003 where they were blessed with a son called William Langdon. The couple parted ways in 2008. After being single for some time. She got married to Dave Gardner in 2014.The couple has two children Lula Rose and Sailor Gene Gardner. 

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