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Karisma Collins

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June 21, 2000

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Karisma Collins is a famous Youtuber, Viner and Instagram star from Canada. Collins always brings out an artistic impression in most of her activities. Collins likes singing, cooking, writing, dancing, modeling, acting, fashion, designing among many other creative activities

Karisma Collins is always a source of joy and inspiration to her family and friends whereby she often cheers up their spirit. He brother has a YouTube channel called `Weekly Chris’ where Collins has featured on various occasions. In her videos, Collins always gives insight into easier and convenient ways to solve issues faced during the everyday life. Together with Griffin Arnlund, she came up with a video called `Guess the Item Challenge.’ Through her productions, Collins advocates for courage and high self-confidence. Also, Collins always updates her fans on fashion and gives them insights on various fashion tips.

Early Life And Development

Karisma Collins was born on 21st June 2000 in Calgary Canada. Collins's parents are John Collins and Stacey Collins. Karisma has three siblings, two brothers and a sister namely; Christian, Crawford, and Kristen. Kristen is a singer and famous social media personality. Apart from social media, Karisma loves issue relating education, human rights, culture and welfare of the children.


Rise To Freedom And Career

Karisma Collins has gained fame much due to her videos on social media channels like Vine and YouTube. Collins is very versatile and can motivate, act, dance or sing. Karisma's motivational talks are always inspiring, and confidence building and are appreciated by many. Within a short time, Collins has gained the love and loyalty of many fans. Collins has more than 256,000 followers on Facebook, 236,000 on Instagram, 54,000 on Twitter, 25,000 on snap chat, 836,000 on Musically and 86,000 on Vine. Karisma Collins has a great sense of humor which she uses to bring out the tips on facing various difficulties in daily life activities. Karisma portrays tackling of these situations as a very easy thing to do, which many of her viewers find not only motivating but also very interesting.

Hence Karisma Collins has become very popular due to her excellent sense of humor and wit. Both the young and old draw inspiration and encouragement from her. Collins's primary objective is to create awareness that every person has inherent charisma which they can use to their advantage to help them overcome various difficulties in their life. 

Karisma Collins identifies various problems people may face in their daily activities, relates to them and comes up with ways to overcome them. Hence, Collins can get emotionally close to people and help them boost their confidence, a trait very few internet celebrities’ posses. Also, Collins encourages people to keep smiling and maintain a positive mood, which will help them to be more efficient and productive in their activities. 


Personal Life

Karisma Collins is single by choice and does not have any marriage plans because she is still in her teen years. Collins is clear of any scandals or controversies unlike most celebrities of her status. Collins aims to maintain her social media and motivation works always. 

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