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Crawford Collins

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April 15, 1997

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Crawford Collins a skillful, humorous, charming and talented star. Crawford Collins, a Canadian Internet celebrity, has rapidly risen to stardom on the internet scene with a fan base of over two million people, the majority of who are teenagers. This has made him one of the World’s most sought-after virtual entertainers.

Given his wonderful talent as well as the luxury of years available to him, Crawford seems to be destined for an even brighter future. Crawford Collins can be reached easily through his social media accounts like Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram, and YouTube.

Childhood And Early Life

Crawford Collins was born and raised in Calgary, Canada to Mr. John Collins and Mrs. Stacy Collins on 15th April 1997. He is the third born in a family of four and has two sisters called Kristen Collins and Karisma Collins. Crawford Collins also has a brother named Christian Collins with whom, together with his sisters, he collaborated especially in his early stages, and this helped propel him to success.

His brother, Christian, is also a social media celebrity and his sisters are web stars too. His younger sister, for instance, is an Instagram star, constantly creating and sharing her artistic creations.



As a child, Crawford’s dream was to become a hockey player. However, having been influenced and helped by his elder brother, he went to the internet at an early age. His siblings were all into internet video creation field. Together with his siblings, he started playing video games and creating vines. He never attended school, just like his brother Christian, he was home-schooled. On 20th February 2014, Crawford Collins made his first debut on the vine with a video titled, How I feel when my Phone Dies. The video became viral, and within only five months after the video was posted, most of the villagers had fallen in love with him, and he had accumulated over 750,000 followers at the age of 17 years. Most of his female fans got interested in him.

Since that time, Crawford Collins became a YouTube star and continued posting several vine videos. He frequently collaborated with other viners such as Brent Rivera, Jake Foushee, and his siblings. Slightly over two years after he first entered the scene, he had already posted around 500 vines and had a fan base of 1.6 million (By October 2016). Crawford Collins always strives to make his skits more relatable by incorporating pop culture references into them. Often, his YouTube videos and Vines revolve around adolescent life, current trends or even humorous takes on commonplace situations. His good looks and spontaneous wits are some of the factors that have contributed to making him even more special.

Although his counterparts around the world the world earn a lot of money through their videos, Crawford’s net worth has not been made public. However, at his young age, he is believed to be earning a significant amount of money through his vines. Neither his salary nor his net worth is publicly known.


Achievements And Awards

Since he started creating vines, Crawford Collins has achieved a lot. His first achievement was in February 2014 when he made his debut and accumulated over 750,000 followers within five months. Over the period, he has been able to gain love and support from his followers and family because of his excellent skills and style with which he creates his videos.

All his fans constantly appreciate his debonair charm and wit. Many boys, his fans, envy and want to be like him.Even girls adore him and want to be in a relationship with him, knowing well that he is not yet married.


Personal Life

Crawford Collins is not yet married and has no children. Earlier, he dated a young lady called Monique.  However, they broke up in 2014 and, in 2006; he began dating another lady named Emily Tosta. His favorite games include ice hockey and skateboarding. He once revealed, during a question-answer session in Ask FM, a local radio station, that he goes skateboarding during his free time.

Crawford Collins also likes listening to music and Drake is the kind of music he likes most. He is a great fan of Selena Gomez. However, Crawford Collins doesn’t enjoy listening to Lady Gaga.Collins’s greatest fear is Ocean. He also fears sand, so he never goes to the beach to have fun.

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