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Jenna Jameson

Birthday :

April 9, 1974

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Film Actress

Birth Place :

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

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Jenna Jameson was born on April 9, 1974, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She is also known by her stage name Jennasis. Her parents are Judith and Lawrence Massoli. Sadly, Jameson’s mother died in 1976, so she was primarily raised by her father for must of her life. She also has a brother named Tony Massoli.

Early Life

Life for Jenna Jameson as a teenager was tough. Her family was deeply in debt, which made things hard on the family. For a while, Jameson could stay distracted by her talents as a ballerina (a talent she frequently won contests with), but she eventually stopped practicing the dancing.

As a teenager, Jenna Jameson also began using drugs, which made her life even more difficult and complicated. She ended up moving out of her family’s home when she was only 16 years old so she could live with her boyfriend.

When Jenna Jameson was only 17, she made a fake ID for herself so she could take up a job as an exotic dancer at a local establishment. While there, she was spotted by a Penthouse scout. Soon after this, Jameson moved off of the stage and in front of the camera.


Acting Career

Jenna Jameson began her adult film career in 1993, and her first video was released shortly afterward. It was around this time that she started to use the name, Jenna Jameson, as she thought there was something risque and attractive about the name Jameson. Throughout most of the 1990’s, she appeared exclusively in pornos. However, she did appear in the film Private Parts, which was a biopic about Howard Stern. Some of her famous films from this decade include Cherry Pie; I Love Lesbians, Photoplay, The Kiss, Paradise, Jenna’s Revenge, The F-Zone, and Flashpoint X.

In the 2000’s, Jenna Jameson continued to focus mainly on her porn career. However, she also appeared in several non-porn videos, including a music video with Eminem for the song “Without You.” She also voiced herself on an episode of Family Guy. Some of her famous pornos from this decade include I Dream of Jenna, Naked Sex Stars, Deep Inside Celeste, Jenna Does Carmen, Sophia Syndrome, Burn, The It Girl, and Janine Loves Jenna. After the birth of her children in 2008, Jameson took a short break from working in porn.

In the 2010’s, Jenna Jameson returned to porn for a couple of more videos (Kobe Loves Jenna, Ashton Loves Jenna, and Jenna is Timeless) before retiring from porn in 2011. Since then, Jameson has appeared in the television show Sons of Anarchy and the films Just Jenna and Limelight. It is unlikely that Jameson will return to porn in the future.



Jenna Jameson is not only famous for her videos, but also for her writing. She has written both nonfiction and romance books. She has published three romance books, in her Fate series (co-written with Hope Tarr). These books include Sugar, Spice, and Honey.

Another one of her series is her “Jenna Tales,” which are co-written by M. Catherine Oliver Smith. These books include Lip Service, Something Blue, and Something Borrowed.

Her nonfiction books are How to Make Love Like a Pornstar and How to Make Money Like a Pornstar. Both of these books were co-written with Neil Strauss.


Awards And Accomplishments

Most of Jameson’s awards are for her acting in pornos. Jenna Jameson has won over a dozen awards and has been nominated for almost the same amount. Some of her awards are listed below.

Adult Video News Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene (The Devil in Miss Jones, The Masseuse, I Dream of Jenna, and Satyr)
Adult Video News Award for Best Couples Sex Scene (Jenna Loves Rocco, Conquest, and Blue Movie)
X-Rated Critics’ Organization, USA Girl-Girl Award (My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2)


Family Life

Jenna Jameson first married Brad Armstrong in 1996. However, this marriage ended in 2001. Jenna Jameson was married for a second time to Jenna Jameson in 2003. However, the marriage ended in 2006. Later in the same year, she began dating Tito Ortiz. This couple has two children together: Jesse and Journey. As of 2018, she is in a romantic relationship with Lior Bitton. This couple has a daughter together named Batel Lu Bitton. 

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