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Dan Auerbach

Birthday :

May 14, 1979

Also Known For :

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Birth Place :

Akron, Ohio, United states of America

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Dan Auerbach was christened Daniel Quine Auerbach at birth, and he was born in the Idyllic town of Akron in the American state of Ohio. His birthday was 14th May in the year 1979 and was introduced to the attraction of music as a toddler. Talking about his parents, Dan's mother worked a teacher and was named Mary little while his father was an antique tycoon by the name, Charles Auerbach. Dan’s mother was from a lineage of music lovers and practitioners. His grandmother was a piano teacher who majored in the classics. 

Growing Up And Influences

As Dan Auerbach grew up, he got used to the enormous collection of records in the library of his father, and there was never a dull moment with the music always playing in the background.Dan's father was also involved in the dainty world of music writing in the latter part of his life. Robert Quine, the rock guitarist of fame, was also Dan Auerbach's  cousin while his uncle, James Quine. His uncle was one of the enduring sources of inspiration he looked up to. As he began to play music, Dan's father was noted to have helped him get confident on stage. Dan Auerbach joined the Barnburners in his teen years for paid gigs around Akron.Dan also tried his hands on the guitar for other acts as a bass player. At other times, he played as a second guitarist.


Early Career

As Dan Auerbach went through high school, he met Patrick Carney, who later became the Black Keys drummer. They performed first as a group at the Lime Spider in Akron. Two years down the line, they went on road shows and tours together. In their first tour, they went as members of the Black Keys to promote their first album titled “The Big Come Up.” The attribution for the place of recording the album has been given to Carney's basement. Their album hit the shelves on the label of a small record company in 2002, called Alive Records. Their prowess in songwriting also came to the fore within the period.The attraction to the Black keys was based on their persona as rock ‘n’ roll group with eyes fixed to make a name for the group and respective members. They released the album, Tick Freakiness in the year 2003 and the Rubber Factory in the year 2004.

It was time for Magic Potion in 2006, and this was a moody album. They were able to move on to a new record label under Warner Brothers during the same year called Nonesuch Records. On a gradual basis, larger crowds became a feature of their concerts, and the group’s popularity soared. They released Attack and Release in 2008, and it hit the Top 20 on the Billboards chart. This was another moody album but got appreciable reception from the music-loving world.


Courting A-Listers

 In 2009, the Black Keys teamed up with rappers RZA, Mos Def and Q-Tip to record the collaboration song titled "Blakroc." As Dan Auerbach became successful with the Black Keys, Dan also forayed into other lines of music interests. In 2009, he worked at his home studio in the town of Akron to produce his solo effort. The album was titled “Keep it Hid.”


Other Notable Mentions 

Dan Auerbach moved to the Nashville, Tennessee aftermath of his album release. A year later, the group, Black Keys released the album, “Brothers.” It was fast to attain certified gold and peaked on the third sport on the Billboards chart. Brothers were a top performer as it landed the group the 2010 Grammys under the Best Alternative Music Album genre. It reprised this as Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

Two years down the line, the album. El Camino earned more Grammys for the group in three categories including a fourth for the best producer award in 2013. Talking about Dan's song, ‘Malibu Man,’ he explained that it was a poke at his buddy which was explored to take a cue as a funky jam.


Awards And Recognition 

The soar-away reputation that Dan Auerbach achieved was what he garnered from the 2013 Grammy recognition for multiple wins. The awards no doubt brought his music and performance under the global spotlight so that his music earned a place in the legend for his outstanding finish. Working with Patrick Carney proved to be a winning tag as their song, Lonely Boy, chalked up huge acclaim.


Common Attribution 

Dan Auerbach is a follower of Fabian, the 1950’s teen idol. A photo of the singer-actor, whom Auerbach considers the epitome of cool, sits naturally atop the console in his Easy Eye Sound studio. It was next to a row of tarot cards. Dan used Fabian as his standard of excellence and performance and sought to match same. Dan Auerbach is no fan of retro albums. Dan sees them like a Vegas show and drapes them as lacking in substance.

While Dan's opinion might not be the universal sentiment, it is one that accentuates his perception of the art of music and songwriting. Auerbach steered clear of that temptation. As a producer, Dan Auerbach treats people with respect and this he highlighted when working on the 2012 album by Dr. John, called Locked Down. He placed his people skills at work to work with the old hand, and he had the outcome he desired.


Dan Auerbach got married to Stephanie but divorced in the year 2013. They both had a child named Sadie. Dan found love again in 2015 and was engaged to Jen Goodall. The duo later welcomed a child and developed their relationship. He and Goodall got married that same year.

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