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Caryl Churchill

Birthday :

September 3, 1938

Also Known For :

Dramatist, Politics, Feminist

Birth Place :

London, England, United Kingdom

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I have come to believe that synopsis in every script briefly illustrates more about the content and the author’s motive. Caryl Churchill is one of the greatest dramatists who is widely known for her informative theories. In other words, she takes extra time to make the society understand how women are important and understandable beings. That is why she also acts as a human rights activist. To date, Caryl Churchill is still known as one of the remarkable writers that are widely accepted by all ages. It was during her teenage life that her interest in writing developed. She first landed a dramatist position in a popular video. From there henceforth, her reputation earned her several awards. Read further to grasp more about her early and later achievements.

Caryl’s Personality

Caryl Churchill is still known as an active person who prefers to overcome her failures in the best demeanor. Besides, she is ultimately blessed with an independent and sharp mind. For this reason, gentleness and well vast personality are fully enclosed in her heart. This is where she got a knack for writing and drama. She perfectly knows how to display her books with actions and sounds. I can’t agree more but to say that her writings are worth a thousand words. Above all, Caryl Churchill firmly believes in women empowerment and that they are destined to achieve more in the society. She truly despises a person who talks ill of a young lass. In that regard, she presented herself to the traditional society that still believes that a woman solace is in the kitchen. It is just one of the ideologies that she targets to be stamp out in his native land and internally. Read along.


Childhood And Early Life

On 3rd September 1938 a duo, Robert Churchill, and Jan Churchill were blessed with their first born daughter in London, England. She was none other than Caryl Churchill who remained as the only born child of Robert and Jan. At the age of ten, her family opted to live in Canada where she enrolled at Trafalgar Schools for Girls. Early in 1957, Caryl Churchill went back to her native land where she joined Oxford University. It was there that she majored in English Literature and 1960 she received her B.A. Degree. It was in the middle of her studies that she came to love everything that dealt with drama and plays. In the mid of 1958, she wrote countable of plays including the Downstairs and You’ve No Need to be Frightened. She followed it up with Wonderful Time in 1960 before completing her college education.



It was after her graduation that Caryl Churchill started to write brief video dramas under the British Broadcasting Corporation. Her tremendous stories welcomed both young and the old to listen to her on a daily basis. Some of her well-written stories included The Ants and Schreiber’s Nervous Illness in 1972.

While still at BBC she opted to try televising plays instead of radio plays. It was in 1973 that she released one of her TV plays that received acclaimed attention. Before her release, she first wrote her play for a profound theater called Owners. It was her first performance that was premiered at London’s Royal Court Theatre. After two years, she got a seat on a Royal Court as a dramatist.

Early in the 1980s, Caryl Churchill showcased her writing skills in not one but more theaters including the Joint Stock. It was there that he released some of the critical plays called A Mouthful of Birds and Cloud Nine. In the new millennium, she released a play called Far Away that got premiered at the Royal Court. In 2009 she wrote another play titled Seven Jewish Children. It was after four years that one of her plays called Love and Information was performed at the Royal Court. It was also the only play that received more public attention.


Major Works

From 1979 to 1987 Caryl Churchill wrote solid and primed pieces of works. One of her outstanding plays includes the Cloud Nine that illustrates the first establishment of bisexuality and homosexuality. She followed it up with a Top Girls play which allowed her to embrace the world of fame. In summary, the play focuses on various sacrifices that a woman undergoes before embracing her success. Her other notable play includes Serious Money that is widely known for its breathless blames and critics.


Personal Life And Achievements

From 1958 to 2010 Caryl Churchill welcomed several awards and recognition throughout the world. Some of the notable ones include The Downstairs Award, Richard Hillary Memorial Prize, Obie Award and Evening Standard Award. In 2010 she was formally positioned in the American Theatre Hall of Fame. Early in 1961, Caryl Churchill married a barrister called David Harter. The couple was blessed with three children named Rick, Paul and Joe.

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