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Andrew Cunanan

Birthday :

August 31, 1969

Died On :

July 23, 1997

Birth Place :

National City, California, United States of America

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Serial killers vastly course countless of the most horrifying and frightening acts. They are always on the run trying to avoid the law and also looking fixedly for the next casualty. Before killing and arresting a serial killer, he or she must have committed a series of murders. Quite often, they do this for no apparent reason or motive. In the line of this kind of traits was Andrew Cunanan. He was named as one of the most wanted criminals in the bygone days. Besides, he was an American serial killer who killed five living souls in three months’ time including Gianni Versace. His random character and uncontrollable temper led him to do unforgivable acts. Read further to know more about his childhood, crimes and early and later activities.

Childhood And Early Life

On 31st, August 1969 Andrew Philip Cunanan was first seen in the world in California, San Diego, United States. He was born to Mary Anne Schillaci and Modesto Cunanan. Andrew was the youngest child of four elder siblings. Throughout his childhood life, his mother and father quarreled in front of him to the point of embracing tension and loneliness. Andrew joined Bishop’s School in San Diego, California. He was known as an intelligent and straight A’s student. Also, he loved to talk about his best of the best dreams and careers. To others people's shock, Andrew learned how to speak in not two but seven different languages at his tender age.

Andrew graduated in 1987 where he attended the University of California in San Diego. It was here that he majored in American history but later dropped out in the middle. At 19 years of age, his father left his family to avoid the law due to wrongful deeds. It was also the same year that she found out that Andrew’s father was a homosexual. This resulted in further disagreements where Mary Anne got injured in the process.


Breach Of The Law And Confinement

When Andrew dropped out in the middle of his studies, he went to live in Castro District, Francisco. It was there that he turned into a gay personality where he targeted well-vast men for pleasure. It was in the middle of all that he became a drug addict to the point of carrying out criminal acts.

Andrew’s character worsened when he started to appear in barbaric acts both in films and outside life. He got a real definition of the most aggressive and notorious individual. It was announced that he publicly displayed symptoms of Aids hence most of the wealthy men avoided him. But it was later confirmed that he was out of danger. Eventually, Andrew turned into an obsessive man that in turn gave birth to his violent behavior.

It was in the mid of 1997 that Andrew killed one of his ex-lover, Jeff Trail. According to sources, he heard about Jeff’s side lovers including David Madson. He took the time to determine their side of view but anger and resentment made him smash Trail's head with a hammer. After this daunting incident, he killed David with Trail’s gun. The two bodies were recovered from Police, and the whole incident pointed out to Andrew.

His third casualty was a real estate businessman called Lee Miglin. He was inflicted with lots of pain when Andrew exceeded his limits by running him over with his Lexus. He arrived in New Jersey with the stolen car where he met his fourth fatality. William Resse served as a caretaker, but his life was cut short when Andrew shot him severally and run with his luxury truck. Afterward, he went to hide in Miami Beach, Florida for two months.

It was during his hiding that he got a hold of his fifth victim, a fashion designer called Gianni Versace, the only founder of international brand Versace. He shot him severally in front of his mansion in Miami. The outcome led him to hide in Miami-beach port. It was there that the police located his hiding place and there was nothing else than to arrest him. Nevertheless, the police surrounded his port, and it was quite hard for him to escape or run. He used the same gun that killed William, Gianni, Jeff, Lee, and David to take his own life. That is how he ended his life.


Personal Life

Between the ages of 18 to 20, Andrew was widely known as a bright student. But he later changed his norm to being a creative liar. Besides, he knew how to change his appearance, so it was quite hard to recognize him at a glance. Even then, he committed suicide on 23 July 1997. His life was defined as one of the unfortunate ones that led to unpredictable desires and uncertainties. 

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