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Famous Events For June 9

Famous Events For June 9 – Today In History

June 9: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 9  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 9th June 1075: German King Henry IV defeated Saksen in the Battle at Homburg/Unstrut.
2. 9th June 1310: In Siena Cathedral in Siena, Italy, Duccio’s Maestá Altarpiece, and a seminal artwork of the early Italian Renaissance was unveiled and installed.
3. 9th June 1456: The occurrence of the 23rd recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet.
4. 9th June 1525: There was a revolt in Hertogenbosch.
5. 9th June 1529: War declared by Zurich on Catholic kantons.


6. 9th June 1531: A secret treaty against the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was signed today by Pope Clemens VII and Francois I.
7. 9th June 1549: The Church of England adopted the Book of Common Prayer today.
8. 9th June 1549: England today enforced the Act of Supremacy.
9. 9th June 1572: Gelderland was today occupied by William van Orange’s army.
10. 9th June 1628: Thomas Morton was deported from Massachusetts, which was the first deportation from what is now known as the US.

18th Century – What Happened on June 9 – The 1700s

11. 9th June 1720: The third treaty of Stockholm was signed by Sweden and Denmark today.
12. 9th June 1742: Spanish assault on Simons Islands in the Battle of Bloody Marsh.
13. 9th June 1752: In Trichinopoly in India, the French army surrendered to the British today.


14. 9th June 1772: Communion was held in the first protestant church in Ohio in Pennsylvania.
15. 9th June 1790: “Philadelphia Spelling Book” was the first book to be copyrighted under the constitution.

19th Century – June 9 This Day That Year – The 1800s

16. 9th June 1822: False teeth were patented by Charles Graham.
17. 9th June 1860: “Malaseka, The Indian Wild Life of a White Hunter,” by Mrs. Ann Stevens, the first US “dime novel” was published.
18. 9th June 1868: In the University of California, the Board of Regents met for the first time today.
19. 9th June 1869: The first root beer was sold in Philadelphia by Charles Helm Hires.
20. 9th June 1870: President Grant met with Sioux chief Red Cloud in Washington today.
21. 9th June 1873: After being open for 16 days, Alexandra Palace was burned down.
22. 9th June 1877: Racing: C. Holloway aboard Cloverbrook won the 11th Belmont in 2:46.


23. 9th June 1883: Electric Railway begins commercial operation for the first time in Chicago.
24. 9th June 1890: In Chicago, the opera “Robin Hood” premiered today.
25. 9th June 1891: Paul Gauguin the French painter and sculptor arrived in Papeete, Tahiti.
26. 9th June 1898: Hong Kong’s new territories were leased out to the United Kingdom for 99 years by China today.
27. 9th June 1898: In the 38th British Open Golf tournament, Harvey Vardon shot a 307 at the Prestwick Golf Club.
28. 9th June 1899: James J Jeffries knocked out Bob Fitzsimmons in 11 to win the heavyweight boxing title.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 9th – The 1900s

29. 9th June 1900: In the Boxer Rebellion in China, Boxers destroyed a race course in Peaking, which was a symbol of diplomatic social life and Western privilege.
30. 9th June 1902: The first automat restaurant opened today at 818, Chestnut St, Philadelphia.


31. 9th June 1908: King Edward VII of Great Britain met Tsar Nicolas II at Reval in Russia to discuss the growing power of Germany and British plans for reforms in Macedonia.
32. 9th June 1909: Alice Huyler Ramsay, a 22-year-old housewife from Hackensack in New Jersey, drove across the United States, from Manhattan to San Francisco, a distance of 3,800 miles in a Maxwell 30. She covered the distance in 59 days and became the first woman to drive across the United States.
33. 9th June 1915: In a political development in the US, William Jennings Bryan quit as Secretary of State of the United States of America.
34. 9th June 1915: Protesting the sinking of Louisiana, and refuting the German claim the British blockade was illegal, US President Woodrow Wilson shot off a second Louisiana note to Germany.
35. 9th June 1919: There was a general Steel strike in France.
36. 9th June 1919: Ufa was captured by the Red Army today.

37. 9th June 1922: The Harkins Memorial Chime at Yale University rang for the first time today.
38. 9th June 1923: The first armed security van was unveiled by Brics today.
39. 9th June 1923: In Bulgaria, their Prime Minister Stamboeliski and King Boris III were overthrown.
40. 9th June 1928: Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm flew from across the Pacific from California to Brisbane to become the first to fly across the Pacific.
41. 9th June 1930: Runner Paavo Nurmi, nicknamed the “Flying Finn” ran 6 miles in 29:36.4 and created a world record.
42. 9th June 1930: Jack Lingle, Chicago Tribune’s reporter was killed at the Illinois Central Rail Station during the rush hour by Leo Vincent’s brother allegedly over a $100,000 gambling debt owed to gangster Al Capone.
43. 9th June 1931: Robert H Goddard, the rocket pioneer, designed and patented the first rocket-powered aircraft.
44. 9th June 1933: MLB pitcher Walter Johnson took over as Cleveland manager.
45. 9th June 1934: Cartoon character Donald Duck made its first appearance in the cartoon “The Wise Little Hen”.

46. 9th June 1935: Under the Ho-Umezu agreement, the Republic of China, under the KTM administration, recognized Japanese occupation in Northeast China.
47. 9th June 1940: Golfer Lawson Little shoots a 287 at Canterbury GC OH in the 44th US Golf Open.
48. 9th June 1940: General Charles de Gaulle met British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. This was his first meeting with Churchill.
49. 9th June 1941: At Fort Smederovo in Belgrade, an explosion in an ammunition plant killed 1500 people.
50. 9th June 1941: Priest cooperating with Rijk’s radio was banned by Archbishop De Young.
51. 9th June 1942: It was reported by German-Neth press that 3 million Dutch were sent to East Europe.
52. 9th June 1942: To teach a final lesson to Czechs in subservience and humility, Nazis killed all the inhabitants of Lidice which had been implicated in the assassination of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich.

53. 9th June 1943: In the US “Pay-as-you-go” (withholding) income tax deductions were authorized.
54. 9th June 1944: Soviet troops launched their offensive in Carelia, Finland.
55. 9th June 1945: Australian troops landed today in Brunei Bay, North Borneo.
56. 9th June 1946: A fire in Canfield Hotel in Dubuque, Iowa killed 19 guests.
57. 9th June 1946: In Thailand after the death of King Ananda Mahidol, his brother Bhumibol Adulyadej became the King.
58. 9th June 1946: Heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis knocked out Billy Con in 8 to win the Heavy Weight Boxing Title.
59. 9th June 1949: For the first time a woman, Georgia Neese Clerk of Kansas became a treasurer of the US.
60. 9th June 1953: A tornado struck Worchester County killing 94, injuring 1310, and rendering 10,000 people homeless.

61. 9th June 1955: Cricketer Ken Barrington made test debut for England against South Africa at Trent Bridge.
62. 9th June 1956: A massive earthquake struck Afghanistan leaving 400 people dead.
63. 9th June 1958: London’s Gatwick airport, Crawly, West Sussex, United Kingdom was officially opened today by Queen Elizabeth II.
64. 9th June 1959: This day marks the launch of the first missile submarine.
65. 9th June 1960: In China, typhoon Mary kills at least 1,600 people.
66. 9th June 1962: Singer Tony Bennet’s debut concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City.
67. 9th June 1964: Golfer Jack Nicholas won the British Open Golf tournament.
68. 9th June 1968: In Yugoslavia, President Tito promises reforms.
69. 9th June 1970: In Argentina, their President Ongania was today ousted by a military junta headed by Lt Gen Lanusse today.
70. 9th June 1972: OPEC today moved to prevent companies whose interests were nationalized in Iraq from increasing production elsewhere. This move was intended as a show of support for Iraq.
71. 9th June 1975: A fire broke out in a prison hospital at Stanford, Florida killing 10 prisoners and a guard.

72. 9th June 1977: Great Britain today celebrated the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II with fireworks.
73. 9th June 1980: Russian space station, Soyuz T-2 returned to Earth today.
74. 9th June 1983: In Great Britain, a conservative party headed by Margret Thatcher won the British Parliamentary elections.
75. 9th June 1984: Disney Land today celebrated Donald Duck’s 50th birthday.
76. 9th June 1984: This day marks the production of the 10 millionth CD by Polygram’s Hanover plant in Germany.
77. 9th June 1985: Thomas Sutherland of America was kidnapped today. He was held as a hostage in Lebanon.
78. 9th June 1986: Chris Evert today beat Martina Navratilova (6-3, 6-7, 7-5), in the 84th Women’s French Open Championship.
79. 9th June 1990: Pop singer Michal Jackson was today hospitalized with inflamed rib cartilage.
80. 9th June 1994: School in Waku Kungo was bombed by an Angolan plane killing 89.
81. 9th June 1997: Expiration of British lease on the New Territories in Hong Kong.
82. 9th June 1998: Abdulsalami Abubakar became military President of Nigeria, succeeding Sani Abacha.

21st Century – June 9 This Day In History – The 2000s

83. 9th June 2006: In Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej celebrated the first of the three national holidays commemorating his 60 years on the throne.
84. 9th June 2009: Brazil officially entered recession today.
85. 9th June 2012: Rioters in Myanmar killed 20 people and burnt down 300 houses.
86. 9th June 2013: Edward Snowden today publicly admitted that he was the leaker of NSA documents.

87. 9th June 2016: The World Health Organization advised in favor of delayed pregnancy in areas affected by the Zika virus.
88. 9th June 2016: The 44th US President Barack Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.
89. 9th June 2016: US Senator Elizabeth Warren today formally endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.
90. 9th June 2018: Romania’s Simona Halep won her first grand slam singles title today when she beat America’s Slone Stephens 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 in the Women’s French Open Championship.

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