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June 9 Famous Birthdays

June 9 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on June 9 love being with a crowd. They like to talk and the more people to talk to, the better. Even children come around to them to hear a story or just to joke around with. They would probably make an excellent parent.


As a famous Gemini born on June 9, they are quite sensitive and look out for others. Although they are a romantic at heart, they may not have the maturity just yet when it comes to loving someone. As a single person, they will likely enjoy themselves and toy with the idea of settling down later on in life.


When choosing a career, they would do well in management especially in sales or broadcasting. However, because of their health, they should learn to relax more as they could be described as a workaholic. The health of famous people born on June 9 is normally good and in a fit condition but could stand to benefit from activity such as a dance class or a yoga class or both.

Famous people born on June 9 can understand the thinking of a child’s mind as they may have had many sisters and brothers. They can be considerate and sensitive. As a negative, this famous June 9 Gemini can be reckless and narrow-minded. For this reason, they may marry late in life.


June 9th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9 June Good Traits:

  • Appealing
  • Understanding
  • Sympathetic
  • Determined
  • Considerate
  • Sensitive

9 June Bad Traits:

  • Distracted
  • Rash
  • Tolerant
  • Insecure
  • Critical

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June 9 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Sorkin, 1961, Screenwriter
Adam Agee, 1980, Rock Singer
Adamo Ruggiero, 1986, TV Actor
AG Howard, 1970, Young Adult Author
Alana Zimmer, 1987, Model
Alda Lara, 1930, Poet
Alex Neil, 1981, Soccer Player
Alex Rasmussen, 1984, Cyclist
Alexia Khadime, 1983, Stage Actress
Alina Grosu, 1995, Pop Singer
Alison Cherry, 1982, Young Adult Author
Ameesha Patel, 1976, Movie Actress
Anastasia Karanikolaou, 1997, Vine Star
Andrew Symonds, 1975, Cricket Player
Andrew W Walker, 1979, TV Actor
Annamarie Tendler, 1985, Makeup Artist
Anoushka Shankar, 1981, Composer
Anthimos Ananiadis, 1985, TV Actor
Aylin Bayramoglu, 1992, Pop Singer
Bachir Boumaaza, 1980, YouTube Star
Belle Knox, 1995,
Billy Bigley, 1962, Race Car Driver
Bobo Norco, 1984, Rapper
Brian Patrick Wade, 1978, TV Actor
Brooklyn Lammiman, 1995, Pop Singer
Bulent Ersoy, 1952, World Music Singer

Calum Von Moger, 1990, Bodybuilder
Caroline D’Amore, 1984, DJ
Chaosxsilencer, 1980, YouTube Star
Charles Saatchi, 1943, Entrepreneur
Charles Webb, 1939, Novelist
Charles Wuorinen, 1938, Composer
Cheong Choong Kong, 1941, Entrepreneur
Chloe Agnew, 1989, Pop Singer
Chloe Ewing, 2003, TV Actress
Christina Stuermer, 1982, Rock Singer
Christopher Bill, 1992, Composer
Cole Porter, 1891, Songwriter
Connect-R, 1982, Pop Singer
Craig Colquitt, 1954, Football Player
Crystal Lynn, 1992, Blogger
D’banj, 1980, World Music Singer
Dan Clermont, 1989, Guitarist
Danielle Chuchran, 1993, Movie Actress
Dave Chapman, 1973, Puppeteer
Dave Parker, 1951, Baseball Player
David Cage, 1969, Entrepreneur
David Hobbs, 1939, Race Car Driver
David Koepp, 1963, Screenwriter
David Williams, 1980,
Deborah Martin, 1961, Painter
Devon Goyo, 1996, TV Actor
Dick Vitale, 1939, Sportscaster
Dmitry Garanin, 1991, YouTube Star
Don Young, 1933, Politician
Dorinda Medley, 1965, Reality Star
Ed Farhat, 1924, Wrestler
Elizabeth May, 1954, Politician
Ella Saunders, 1999, Vine Star
Erin Cafaro, 1983, Rower
Erton Fejzullahu, 1988, Soccer Player
Evancredible, 2010, Vine Star
Forrest Bird, 1921, Engineer
Fred Waring, 1900, Pop Singer
Gary Thorne, 1948, Sportscaster
George Axelrod, 1922, Playwright
George Perez, 1954, Comic Book Artist
George Stephenson, 1781, Engineer
Georgia Holt, 1926, Family Member
Giuseppe Cipriani, 1965, Race Car Driver

Gloria Reuben, 1964, TV Actress
Gregg Bissonette, 1959, Drummer
Gregory Maguire, 1954, Novelist
Gudrun Schyman, 1948, Politician
Happy Rockefeller, 1926, Political Wife
Heather Mitts, 1978, Soccer Player
Hiroko Yakushimaru, 1964, Movie Actress
Iain Lee, 1973, Comedian
IJAMinecraft, 1997, YouTube Star
Immy Waterhouse, 1994, Model
Jack Tweed, 1987, Reality Star
Jackie Mason, 1931, Comedian
Jackie Wilson, 1934, Rock Singer
Jakester, 1999, YouTube Star
James DeBello, 1980, Movie Actor
James Kelman, 1946, Novelist
James Newton Howard, 1951, Composer
James Walsh, 1980, Rock Singer
Jamie Briggs, 1977, Politician
Jamie O’Brien, 1983, Surfer
Jeff Linkenbach, 1987, Football Player
Jenny Johnson, 1982, TV Producer
Jerry Davitch, 1941, Football Coach
Jesus Aguirre, 1934, Religious Leader
Jillian Estell, 2004, Movie Actress
Joe Haldeman, 1943, Novelist

Joe Kelly, 1988, Baseball Player
Joe Santos, 1931, TV Actor
John Dukakis, 1958, Family Member
John Howard Payne, 1791, Composer
John Mulholland, 1898, Magician
John Skeaping, 1901, Sculptor
Johnny Depp, 1963, Movie Actor
Jon Lord, 1941, Composer
Jono Yates, 1987, Guitarist
Josh Cravey, 1994, Rock Singer
Josh Cribbs, 1983, Football Player
Julian Talley, 1989, Football Player
Kaeli Ware, 2000, Dancer
Karan Wahi, 1986, TV Actor
Keaton Speirs, 1994, YouTube Star
Keesha Sharp, 1973, TV Actress
Keisha Grey, 1994,
Keith Kauffman, 1950, Race Car Driver
Keith Laumer, 1925, Novelist
Kenny Barron, 1943, Pianist
Kevin Borg, 1986, Pop Singer
King Gryph, 1969, YouTube Star
Kiran Bedi, 1949, Politician
Kirk Talley, 1958, Gospel Singer
Kissabuni, 1998, YouTube Star
Ladislav Kovács, 1991, eSports Player
Lauren Socha, 1990, TV Actress
Laurie Hernandez, 2000, Gymnast
Lee Hyeri, 1994, Pop Singer
Les Paul, 1915, Guitarist
Lidia Buble, 1993, Pop Singer
Lin Carter, 1930, Novelist
Lindsey Erstad, 1996, YouTube Star
Little Riya, 1999, Dancer
Logan Browning, 1989, Movie Actress
Loreto Peralta, 2004, Movie Actress
Louise Carver, 1869, Movie Actress
Lucien Laviscount, 1992, TV Actor
Lucy Kay, 1989, Pop Singer
Luis Alonso, 1998, YouNow Star
Luke Doucet, 1973, Rock Singer
Madison Ferguson, 2004, TV Actress
Mae Whitman, 1988, TV Actress
Mantrousse, 1990, YouTube Star
Marcia Davenport, 1903, Novelist
Marcos Gonzalez, 1980, Soccer Player
Marion Leonard, 1881, Movie Actress
Masoud Shojaei, 1984, Soccer Player
Matt Mahaffey, 1973, Music Producer
Matthew Bellamy, 1978, Rock Singer
Matthias Mayer, 1990, Skier
Mia Pfirrman, 1995, Pop Singer
Michael J. Fox, 1961, Movie Actor
Michael McCluney, 1984, R&B Singer
Michael Read, 1941, Swimmer
Michaela Conlin, 1978, TV Actress
Mick Box, 1947, Guitarist
Mike Cerrone, 1957, Screenwriter
Mike Shaw, 1957, Wrestler
Miroslav Klose, 1978, Soccer Player
Natalie Portman, 1981, Movie Actress
Olivia Purvis, 1993, YouTube Star
Olivia Solo, 2000, TV Actress
OMGItsBirdman, 1979, YouTube Star
Ossie Clark, 1942, Fashion Designer
Pallavi Subhash, 1983, Movie Actress
Patricia Cornwell, 1956, Novelist
Paul Chapman, 1954, Guitarist
Paul Gregory, 1908, Baseball Player
Peja Stojakovic, 1977, Basketball Player
Pete Gill, 1951, Drummer
Peter the Great, 1672, Royalty
Piff the Magic Dragon, 1980, Magician
Pryce Watkins, 1998, Rapper
Rafi Fine, 1984, YouTube Star
Rajesh Hamal, 1964, Movie Actor
Ralf, 1984, Soccer Player
Ray Santiago, 1984, Movie Actor
Remi Baker, 1996, Instagram Star
Richard Kahui, 1985, Rugby Player
Robert Cummings, 1910, Movie Actor
Robert J. Wood, 1905, War Hero
Robert McNamara, 1916, Politician
Robertas Antinis, 1946, Painter
Roberto Aguire, 1988, Movie Actor
Royal Reign, 2014, Family Member
Ruben Vareide, 1991, YouTube Star
Sarah Belle, 1993, YouTube Star
Sebastian Telfair, 1985, Basketball Player
Shandi Finnessey, 1978, Model
Simon Mattsson, 1992, YouTube Star
Skip James, 1902, Blues Singer
Sonam Kapoor, 1985, Movie Actress
Stan Fortuna, 1957, Rapper
Stefanie Michova, 1991, Model
Stepfan Taylor, 1991, Football Player
Steve Zaragoza, 1982, YouTube Star
Stevie Hoang, 1985, R&B Singer
Susan Swan, 1945, Novelist
Talia-Lynn Prairie, 1993, TV Actress
Tamela Mann, 1966, Movie Actress
Tanya Burr, 1989, YouTube Star
Taran Van Hemert, 1989, YouTube Star
TD Jakes, 1957, Religious Leader
Tedy Bruschi, 1973, Football Player
Thomas Hobson, 1984, TV Actor
Thomas Hoff, 1973, Volleyball Player
Timmy Trumpet, 1987, DJ
Tom Abraham, 1993, Family Member
Tom Rouen, 1968, Football Player
Tonto Dikeh, 1985, Movie Actress
Travis Atwood, 2000, Dancer
Trevor Bolder, 1950, Bassist
Troy Beetles, 1988, DJ
Troy Landry, 1960, Reality Star
Tyler Atwood, 2000, Dancer
Udonis Haslem, 1980, Basketball Player
Vic Chou, 1981, Pop Singer
Viktor Fischer, 1994, Soccer Player
Wayman Tisdale, 1964, Basketball Player
Wes Scantlin, 1972, Punk Singer
Wesley Sneijder, 1984, Soccer Player
Xavier Serrano, 1993, Model
Xolo Mariduena, 2001, TV Actor
Yannick Agnel, 1992, Swimmer
Yousaf Raza Gillani, 1952, Politician
Zac Vran, 1996, Dancer


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