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Famous Events For June 5

Famous Events For June 5 – Today In History

June 5: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 5  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 5th June 1507: Trade agreement signed between England and Netherlands.
2. 5th June 1625: Breda was conquered by Spanish troops under Spinola.
3. 5th June 1632: Price Fredrick Henry of Orange conquered Roermond.
4. 5th June 1662: Trinity College in Cambridge admits Isaac Newton as a student.


18th Century – What Happened on June 5 – The 1700s

5. 5th June 1716: Emperor Karle VI and England signed a military treaty.
6. 5th June 1752: To demonstrate that lightning is a form of electricity, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for the first time today.
7. 5th June 1794: US Congress today passed the Neutrality Act. The act bans Americans from serving in foreign armed forces.

19th Century – June 5 This Day That Year – The 1800s

8. 5th June 1805: “Tornado Alley” in Southern Illinois was the first recorded tornado.
9. 5th June 1806: The Batavian Republic today became the Kingdom of Holland.
10. 5th June 1827: During the Greek War of Independence Turks captured the Acropolis and took Athens.
11. 5th June 1829: An armed slave ship Voladora was today captured by HMS Pickle off the coast of Cuba.


12. 5th June 1832: An uprising was launched by Anti-monarchist forces in Paris, starting an unsuccessful June Rebellion.
13. 5th June 1846: This day marks the opening of the telegraph line between Philadelphia and Baltimore.
14. 5th June 1848: Today the statue of the Prince of Orange, Price William the Silent was unveiled.
15. 5th June 1849: Denmark became a constitutional monarchy today. Today is Danish National Day.
16. 5th June 1851: The first installment of “Uncle Toms’s’s Cabin” was published by Harriet Breechar Stow in “National Era”.
17. 5th June 1855: The first convention of the Anti-foreign anti-Roman Catholic Know-Nothing party was held today.
18. 5th June 1857: A photo studio was opened today in Batavia in Jakarta by Walter Woodbury and James Page.
19. 5th June 1861: Arms and gunpowder were seized from Du-Pont Works DE by federal marshals.
20. 5th June 1862: Talisman was captured in the mid-Atlantic by CSS Alabama.
21. 5th June 1865: In New York, the first safe deposit vault was opened today and at a charge of $1.5 per year for every $1000/= stored.


22. 5th June 1884: The Republican Presidential nomination was turned down by American Civil War General William T Sherman. He said, “I will not accept the nomination and will not serve if elected”.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 5th – The 1900s

23. 5th June 1917: In America, men began to register for the draft for World War I.
24. 5th June 1924: The first facsimile message was today transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean by Earnest F W Alexanderson.
25. 5th June 1927: New records were established in 100-yard and 200-yard freestyle swimming completion by Johnny Weissmuller today.
26. 5th June 1933: President Roosevelt signed a bill withdrawing the gold standard today.
27. 5th June 1937: Founder of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford initiated the 32-hour work week.
28. 5th June 1940: The American Negro Society was organized on this day.
29. 5th June 1940: Netherlands today introduced petroleum rationing.


30. 5th June 1940: Germany launched an offensive in Southern France marking the beginning of the Battle of France during World War II.
31. 5th June 1940: General Charles de Gaulle became French junior minister of Defense.
32. 5th June 1940: Good Year Tire and Rubber Company today exhibited synthetic rubber tires in Akron Ohio.
33. 5th June 1941: During World War II at least 4000 people hiding in the tunnel were killed in a Japanese air attack on the Chinese city of Chongqing.
34. 5th June 1942: The United States of America today declared war on Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.
35. 5th June 1943: President of the Philippines President Jose P Laurel survived an assassination attempt today. He was shot 4 times with a .45 caliber pistol while playing golf at Wack Wack golf course in Mandaluyong.
36. 5th June 1944: The Japanese rail line in Bangkok in Thailand was hit today in the first B-29 bombing raid.

37. 5th June 1944: First British gliders touched down on the French soil today to prepare for D-day. This was part of Operation Tonga.
38. 5th June 1944: Just before the D-Day landings of the Allies, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel went on leave.
39. 5th June 1945: Today France, Russia, the UK, and the USA declared supreme authority over Germany.
40. 5th June 1946: A fire broke out in the cocktail lounge of LaSalle Hotel in Chicago, Illinois killing 61 people.
41. 5th June 1947: The US Secretary of State George Marshall today outlined the Marshall Plan during his speech at Harvard University.
42. 5th June 1950: The legal foundation of segregation was today undermined by the US Supreme Court.

43. 5th June 1952: Freddie Truman made his test cricket debut against India at Headingley today.
44. 5th June 1953: China’s Peoples Republic’s membership to the UN was rejected by the US Senate.
45. 5th June 1956: Joseph Stalin was denounced to the Soviet Communist Party Congress by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.
46. 5th June 1956: Federal Court in its ruling said racial segregation on Montgomery buses was unconstitutional.
47. 5th June 1959: The founder of Modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew was today sworn in as Prime Minister of the 1st independent state of Singapore.
48. 5th June 1967: The six-day war between Israel and Syria, Jordan and Egypt began today.
49. 5th June 1973: Jim Crowford made the first hole-in-one in the British Amateur golf championship today.
50. 5th June 1975: The Suez Canal which was closed was closed for eight years because of Egypt’s war with Israel, was opened for international shipping today.
51. 5th June 1981: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the US reported that five men in Los Angeles were suffering from rare pneumonia. This was later identified as AIDS.

52. 5th June 1998: A strike began in the General Motors auto parts factory in Detroit. The strike caused the closure of five assembly plants and an idle workforce across the US for seven weeks.
53. 5th June 1998: Volkswagen bid $ 700 million to win approval to buy Rolls Royce Motor Cars. BMW who had bid $ 554 million lost out to Volkswagen.

21st Century – June 5 This Day In History – The 2000s

54. 5th June 2000: Armed conflict erupted between Rwanda and Uganda in the city of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
55. 5th June 2001: It was announced by that it would begin to sell personal computers later in the year.
56. 5th June 2001: The control of the United States Senate shifted from Republicans to Democrats when US Senator Jim Jeffords left the Republican Party.

57. 5th June 2001: Ministers of the OPEC today agreed to leave the cartel’s oil production unchanged at least for a month until an emergency meeting scheduled for 3rd July.
58. 5th June 2001: Tropical Storm Allison made landfall today on the coastline of Upper Texas. Heavy rains lashed Huston and the storm caused a loss of 5.5 billion dollars by way of damages. Allison is considered to be the costliest tropical storm in the history of the United States of America.
59. 5th June 2003: India and Pakistan were reeling under severe heatwave conditions. It reached its peak today with temperatures touching 50°C in the region.
60. 5th June 2004: The US Navy today christened USS Jimmy Carter in Gorton CT.
61. 5th June 2005: Rafael Nadal won the French Open Championship. He beat Mariano Puerta 6-7, 6-3, 6-1, 7-5 in the finals.
62. 5th June 2006: Serbia, today declared independence from the Union of Serbia and Montenegro.
63. 5th June 2007: Second fly-by of Venus performed by MESSENGER spacecraft.
64. 5th June 2009: Chile entered recession officially and it was the first South American country to go into recession.

65. 5th June 2009: Clashes erupted between police and indigenous protestors in Peru. At least 32 people were reported killed in the clashes.
66. 5th June 2010: In the French Open women’s finals, Italian player Francesca Schiavone won her first and only Grand Slam title beating Australian player Samantha Stosur 6-4, 7-6.
67. 5th June 2012: In Wisconsin the American Gubernatorial recall election was held today. Governor Scot Walker won the election to become the first governor to survive a recall election.
68. 5th June 2013: In Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was today sworn in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
69. 5th June 2013: A lightning storm struck Bihar in India which killed at least 44 people.
70. 5th June 2013: Guardian newspaper in the UK today published the first article based on NSA leaked documents by NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
71. 5th June 2015: An earthquake of magnitude 6.0 struck Ranau, Sabah in Malaysia killing 18 people on Mount Kinabalu.
72. 5th June 2016: The Swiss voted to reject the referendum which guaranteed an income of 2,500 Swiss Francs per month to each citizen.
73. 5th June 2017: In Utter Pradesh in India, a bus crashed into a truck in Bareilly and caught fire. 22 people died in the fire.
74. 5th June 2017: Citing Qatar’s support of terrorist groups, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt severed ties with Qatar. Yemen, Maldives, and Libya also followed suit later.
75. 5th June 2017: Montenegro became a member of NATO. It became the 29th member.
76. 5th June 2017: Puerto Rico today declared that it is free of the Zika virus.
77. 5th June 2018: According to the UN, President Trump’s policy of separating immigrant children from their families violates international law.
78. 5th June 2018: Judge Aaron Persky was severely criticized for being lenient towards Brock Turner, the campus sex attacker. He was removed from service on 6th June 2018, the first judge to suffer the fate in 80 years in Sana Clara, California.

79. 5th June 2018: The Miss America pageant announced that it is bringing the swimsuit competition to an end.
80. 5th June 2018: Forbes today named boxer Floyd Mayweather as the top earning sports person for the year 2017. His earning was $ 285 million.

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