4 Ways To Ward Your House

4 Ways To Ward Your House

Cleansing gets rid of residual energy, and banishing gets rid of active presences, but what about preventative measures? How can you protect your house from accumulating all those things in the first place? Learn some simple ways to ward your house from negative energy.

Warding one’s house can be simple or complex, depending on the methods one uses. Here are five more simple methods that are effective for protecting you and your home.

Stone Wards

Simple stones make good wards when they are prepared properly. Find one stone, a sizable rock that can be broken into several pieces. On this stone, draw, paint, or engrave your personal symbol, or, if you haven’t got one of those, then a symbol you trust. Put this stone into a sock or a bag, and use a hammer to break it into pieces. At every entrance to your house, be it a door, a window, or a vent, place a piece of the stone somewhere unassuming, where it will not be carelessly swept away.

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Paper Wards

China and Japan long ago developed the ideas behind paper wards, or strips of paper that have warding script written or drawn on them. These wards are very easy to make, as they tend to work in whatever language they are being used in. Since these wards will be used for protecting your house, you can write words like “safe,” “warm,” “protect,” and “family,” along with whatever other words you want to be included in the ward, on a long strip of white paper.

It never hurts to make the ward elaborate, as the idea is that the spirits, on their way into your house, will be distracted by the wards, and stand reading them until they grow tired and leave. Hang your wards by your house’s doors.

Coin Wards

Ancient Romans used to leave a coin on each eye of the dead, to use as fare for the ferryman who would take them across the River Styx to the land of the dead. You can use this tradition to your advantage. Get two coins of similar size, and tape or glue them a few inches apart over your doorways. Lesser dead will see this and flee from the house, as it will make those spirits recall their own deaths.

Blood Wards

Perhaps a bit more intensive than the other wards discussed here, this is less a protection and more a threat to the spirits that may seek to come into your home.

To make a blood ward, burn a small piece of wood until it is completely consumed, and crush up the ash in a mortar or bowl. Next, add one drop of your own blood into the ash, and mix it up well. Press your thumb into the ash-blood mixture. Put a thumbprint on the doorstep and above the door frame of each door leading into your house from the outside.

This is a signal to any spirits that you are not afraid of them, and would sooner fight to have them expelled than let them stay in your house. Many spirits seek out places with little or no probable resistance, so this threat makes many spirits simply pass your house by.

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