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Uses Of Crystals Vs Water In Magic

Crystal magic are useful tools, as crystals are solid formation of nature’s intents and energies. There are many ways to use them, many standing on the solidarity and immutability of these gifts from the earth. Charging a crystal is one useful thing a person can perform, and will enhance and sustain the function the crystal is set to. But crystals are invariably stable entities, and it is difficult to shape their energies to perform a task of any great reach, or of a continuous dynamic effect.

Water is fluid and tangible source of energy, ever flowing, but it does have a tendency to fleetingness. It is inherent, you see, water is a flowing and ever changing element, and thus difficult to turn to any sustained purpose. While one can charge water for various purposes, there is a sense of the temporary about it.

But water is quite powerful as well, it’s continuous running form can wear down the strongest stone, and responds dynamically to any situation in which it finds itself, especially if it can run!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could combine these two magickal energies, these two properties, into something sustained and perhaps even radiant in its form? One can, if they are slightly clever and think as dynamically as water flows.

The process of making a crystal fountain for magickal purposes is fairly simple

How To Make A Crystal Fountain?

The process of making a crystal fountain for magickal purposes is fairly simple, though it’s creation must be done with direct intent to create the purpose in question. One may have a desire for a consistent healing energy to bathe the area around the crystal, perhaps in the room of one suffering from a long term illness.

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First, one will purchase or create a small water fountain, one that runs naturally is best, but such conveniently placed spring is unlikely. Instead one can use an electric pump operated fountain. You will create blessed water, and fill the fountain with it. Within the fountain you will place, within the run of the water, a crystal charged to the purpose you would fit it to.

The running of the blessed water over the crystal in the fountain will churn out the energies of the crystal, and serve to regularly recharge it as it flows. The water that evaporates from the fountain will be charged with the power of the crystal, and bathe the room about in it. Even without the evaporation, the flowing of the water can be thought to generate a field about it, filled with the crystal’s magical purpose.

Uses Of A Crystal Fountain

The uses of a crystal fountain can be turned to are nearly endless. It can ensure that a room used for divination is bathed in energies that would serve you in that purpose. It sees to that health is imbued into the food created in a kitchen, or a general air of relaxation and joy infuse a living room. The limits really are only the limits of your own ingenuity.

It may seem deceptively simple, but it is in fact a powerful combination of the natural forces at work, and can be turned to many different uses. Multiple crystals can be placed in the water, and the water itself can be prepared through the charging method to enhance the overall effect. Remember, creativity is one of the foundations of magic, be creative in your use of it!

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