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Don’t Be A Lone Wolf: 14 Traits That Drive Women Away

14 Traits That Drive Women Away

Most women are very forgiving.

When they find a guy they like, they’re happy to overlook a few flaws.

Nobody’s perfect, after all. But if you have one of these zodiac personality traits, you may be driving women away before they can even get to know you.


#1. You pad the resume

Some guys feel the need to impress women by exaggerating their abilities. If you have an extra 40 pounds and insist you can run a marathon under three hours, she’ll see right through you. Be honest and she’ll be suitably impressed.

#2. All roads lead to you

Do you feel the compulsion to steer every conversation back to your own experiences?

At least there’s one person in the room who’s enjoying himself. Your girl will be heading off to find someone less self-absorbed.


#3. You fake a relationship

If your strategy is to pretend you want a relationship in order to get her into bed, you might get your night of sex, but you’ll lose the girl. She’ll find out quickly that you can’t be trusted. And she’ll tell all her friends, too.

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#4. You bad-mouth your exes

Women know that if you disparage one woman, you’re capable of trash-talking her, too. She doesn’t even want to hear about your exes, but if you insist on maligning them, she’ll head off before she can get added to that list.


#5. You’re the puppet master

Women love men who can take the lead and be a strong partner, but they also value their independence.

If you’re controlling, jealous, and not trusting, you’ll make her feel trapped, and she’ll run for the hills. (Find out if you are dating a control freak).


#6. You live in Never-Never Land

Your boyish charm makes women laugh and makes you endearing, but if you can’t ever act like a grown up, your girl will go find a real man. She doesn’t want to be a mother yet.

#7. You’re the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of money

Women get it if you can’t spend a lot of money on a fancy dinner, but if you treat her to Arby’s and then treat yourself to a $1500 flat screen TV, she’ll find someone who knows what she’s worth.

#8. You point out her flaws

No one likes to be criticized and your girlfriend is no exception. You don’t have to flatter her or insist that she’s perfect (maybe perfect for you!). But if you constantly point out what’s wrong with her, she’ll skip your date for an appointment with her therapist.

#9. You admire other women in front of her

OK, you are a man. You’re going to look at attractive other women. It’s hard enough for women to live with this fact.

But if you rub her face in it, by pointing out how great that other girl looks, your date will leave you to enjoy the scenery alone.

#10. You try to buy her love

Women love getting surprise gifts, but lavish spending for its own sake looks like a transparent and desperate attempt to get her into bed. You’ll only attract the kind of woman who likes money, not the kind who’ll like you.


#11. You play dumb and dead

It may be fashionable for men to act ambivalent about everything, to show no interests or energy, but women want someone who’s engaged with life.

If you can’t be bothered to put some effort into any part of your life, you won’t put any effort into a relationship either.

#12. You never heard of foreplay

Do you go straight to bed without passing Go or collecting $200? If so you’ll leave your girl behind. She needs some romance and if you can’t provide it, she won’t stay interested. (Let’s look at what women want).

#13. You have a very short fuse

Do you love to yell at other drivers on the road? Does a rude waiter send you into orbit? Your violent reactions to the everyday frustrations of life will exhaust the people around you. Women will head for calmer company.

#14. You’re always performing

You may be able to attract women with your entertaining impressions or your skillful basketball performance, but once you’ve attracted her, she wants to be a partner, not an audience. Drop the performance and engage with her.

When you find your true love, she’ll accept your imperfections as part of what she adores. But she has to get to know you to love you. If your recent relationships have fizzled out before they could develop, you may be driving ladies away.

Take a look at your actions and see if there’s something you can change. Women will not only be attracted to you, but they’ll also stick around long enough to fall in love.

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