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Sagittarius Personality Traits & Characteristics

Sagittarius Personality Traits

You are a Sagittarius if you were born between November 23rd through December 22nd. Sagittarius personality traits show you love an adventure and are always ready to try new things. They are independent in their beliefs.


Sagittarians will do whatever they need to do to satisfy their own need for excitement. If you were to ask a Sagittarius personality to go somewhere new or try something new they would probably agree before you even finished asking the question. If there’s anything that Sagittarius is, it’s adventurous.


Sagittarius Positive Personality Traits

One skill that Sagittarius possesses that can help them in almost any situation is their ability to be likable. Sagittarius zodiac signs rarely have problems when it comes to making friends or socializing in general. This may be because they have a rather easy-going temperament.

The Sagittarius personality traits show that they won’t be easily angered if a friend can’t hang out one day. Instead, Sagittarius will simply reschedule and forgive their friend. Sagittarius isn’t one to be quick to anger with their friends and family. They are not jealous, clingy, or possessive of their friends or partners either.


The Sagittarius personality just wants to have a good time. If some of their friends can’t make it, then it’s too bad for them. Sagittarius makes a great friend because of these traits and their love for trying new and exciting things. These traits will open up many doors for a Sagittarius during his or her lifetime.

Sagittarius characteristics show they may be so easy to forgive because they are regularly late for things. They may be too lazy to get up and do what they need, or something may have simply distracted them.


Punctuality is not one of Sagittarius’ strong points. Luckily, because of Sagittarius’ kind nature, their friends and coworkers usually forgive them for being late or missing events or activities.

Sagittarius Negative Personality Traits

The Sagittarius man and woman like to feel like they “need” to do something. This can bring about setbacks and missed opportunities at work or school. Sagittarius has no problem trying a small new thing or doing a project that won’t take too long.


The Sagittarius characteristics show that when it comes to large projects they will moan through it, and likely take a long time to finish it, or they will just pass up the opportunity to do it all together. A Sagittarius needs to learn to control their laziness and raise their attention span if they want to be more productive in their daily lives

Sagittarius traits show they are not moody creatures, in fact, sometimes they may even seem emotionally detached. The only time when they might act out is when they get extremely bored.

The Sagittarius personality traits also show that boredom can bring out the Sagittarius’ bad side. So the Sagittarius male or female usually does whatever he or she can to stay entertained. Sagittarius requires an exciting life, or else they will not be happy; it’s as simple as that. Sagittarius is no fun to be around when they are bored as well. It’s during this time when Sagittarius may lose friends.

Sagittarius Love Personality Characteristics

Sagittarius characteristics show they are generally pretty well-adjusted to the world, even if they do seem unattached at times. They can keep themselves in balance so long as something boring doesn’t interfere.

They may need a friend to keep them motivated at times, but Sagittarius generally has many friends, so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone to help them if they need it.

Sagittarius personality will want an adventurous partner, and if they can’t find one then they will not have a problem with the occasional non-committed hook-up. A Sagittarius will want someone who will listen to them, as well as show them a good time.

They will want their relationship to be like an adventure, so don’t expect any aspect of their romance to be boring. Sex with a Sagittarius is nothing short of exciting and new in itself either.

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