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Sagittarius Sexuality Personality Traits

Sagittarius Sexuality Personality Traits

Love and sex is about give and take, and with a Sagittarius, you are taking from someone who is willing to try new things and knows how to do it on an expert level. To keep The Archer interested though, you have to be willing to give back just as much.

Excitement and experimentation fuel the Sagittarius sexuality. The Archer is the perfect person to try out new things. They crave adventure and someone to share it with, but they are not looking for a quick roll in the hay. You must truly get to know the Sagittarius man or woman, find out the likes and dislikes of the Sagittarian.

If you go in guns blazing, flirting from every pore, The Archer will be turned off, not on. Instead, if you want to attract a Sagittarius, friendship is the first step. Try getting the Sagittarius sweating in an outdoor setting, before making a stop in the bedroom. Plan an adventure that will have you working together, learning about each other.

The Archer knows a relationship is like a gourmet meal.  It takes time to put all the ingredients together and cook them properly. Once that is done, the meal is much more enjoyable. In the same way, if you take time to explore the Sagittarius, you will find amazing rewards.

One of those rewards is the Sagittarius sexuality. The Archer is known for being an expert when it comes to making love. And what he or she doesn’t know, they are more than willing to learn.

The Sagittarius man is always seeking new experiences, and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. If you can dream it up, The Archer is willing to try and make it happen.

Sagittarius lovers hold nothing back, and do everything they can to bring their partners to climax.  In return, The Archer will expect the same devotion to pleasure. If you can’t give that attention to detail, or if you have a more mundane sexual appetite, your Sagittarius may become bored and leave for someone with a little more imagination.

The Sagittarius is used to letting things go, to shooting arrows and never expecting them to return. That makes committing to a long-term relationship very difficult.

If you move too fast, The Archer will feel like a trap is about to spring, and ride off. Freedom is very important to Sagittarians, and they hold it close to their hearts.

If you want to get beyond the walls put up by the Archer, stay relaxed in your expectations and allow the Sagittarius time alone. This will keep him or her from feeling smothered. Another important step is never playing games or deceiving The Archer. He or she will see right through any deception and feel betrayed.

Sagittarius woman values honesty and bluntness, almost as much as they treasure new adventures. If you want to know if something looks good on you, The Archer is a straight shooter and won‘t hold back. Many people may see this as callous and uncaring, but to The Archer it is just part of telling the truth.

He or she won’t even consider apologizing for giving an opinion asked for. This love for honesty helps explain why The Archer is often an expert in bed. If something isn’t working, the Sagittarius is quick to point it out. The Archer expects the same kind of honesty from a lover, believing it is the best way for both to grow.

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