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Amon-Ra: Egyptian Zodiac

Egyptian Zodiac: Amon-Ra

The second Egyptian zodiac sign is Amon-Ra. He symbolizes creation that is made from the will of the spirit. He is the god of protection and is considered to be the king of the gods.

Alternative Names: Amon, Ra, Amun, Amun Ra

Role: God of Creation

Ruling Egyptian God / Goddess: Amon-Ra

Dates: January 8th – January 21st, February 1st – February 11th

Important Keywords: Generous, Successful, Helpful


Position In Egyptian Astrology

Amon: Ra is the second zodiac sign and he gave humans the ability to create from nothing more than their desire and urge to be creators.

The second Egyptian zodiac sign is Amon-Ra

Positive Traits

Those born under the Amon-Ra Egyptian God sign are talented and optimistic. They make good leaders and others feel inspired and comforted around them. Others believe in them and their strong intuition to help lead them out of any problems they are facing. They are giving and will always give their best to those in need. In any situation, they are always confident and in control.


They have a sense of royalty about them. Their optimism leads them to be very happy most of the time. They are spiritual by nature and can go within and trust their inner voice to help guide them through life. These people use this same inner voice to help others.

They are very successful and will find they have no shortage of luck. They may want to pursue careers as a counselor, life coach, or motivational leaders. These people inspire others to strive for the best in themselves. People naturally come to them for guidance and advice. They are good listeners and suggest a way of fixing things that are in line with the person’s abilities.



People born under this Egyptian zodiac sign will not have an ordinary life. It is often a difficult sign to be born under. They will always strive to be above average both in the physical world as well as the spiritual world. They are high achievers who strive to be leaders in their communities and careers.

This zodiac people people are good decision-makers which is what makes them such good leaders. They are seen as someone who tries to lead by encouraging others. They are intelligent and can often be found as heads of corporations and firms. These people have a very optimistic view of life. Their intelligence, optimism, and keen intuition make them wonderful leaders.


The Amon-Ra sun sign people have a bright view of life and use that to their advantage. Their intellect combined with their keen intuition is what makes them the ideal leader. They are full of wisdom and courage. They are admired for their thoughts, actions, and leadership skills. These persons have strong willpower and are hard-working.

Negative Traits

The Egyptian astrology sign Amon-Ra may have a hard time in their personal lives. They may shy away from starting a family, but if they do have one they won’t be very attentive to it. They are too busy being a leader and solving others’ problems to be much of a presence at home.

These people may have large egos. When they make decisions there is no room for change. They are firm in whatever decisions they make and are not likely to be very flexible. This can harm them because they aren’t likely to listen to the advice of others.

They can be stubborn, secretive, and lack empathy. They can come up with solutions to help others but may lack true empathy and compassion for their problems. These people can be too far removed emotionally from others to relate to their situations.

Amon-Ra Symbolism

Lucky Color:

The lucky colour for the Egyptian Amon Ra sign is Yellow & Orange.

Sacred Animal:

The animal for the Amon-Ra Egyptian God sign is Ram & Goose.

Egyptian Astrology Compatibility:

They are compatible with the signs The Nile and Horus.


A blue-skinned man with a crown of double feather plumes.

Corresponding Western Zodiac Sign:

The sun sign associated with Amon Ra is the Taurus zodiac sign.


The polarity for this sign is Masculine.

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