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Aquarius Cancer Love Compatibility

Aquarius Cancer Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between an Aquarius and Cancer emotionally, mentally and sexually? Read on…

The Aquarius and Cancer soul mates in a romantic relationship will seem to be a case of opposites attract. Cancer will have an emotional look at life. They will hide in their shell a lot. Aquarius will have an unconventional and strange look at life. They will take every chance they can to be outgoing. They are the ones to organize and will be the party animal. They will love to be around their friends. They enjoy being in a social setting. Aquarius and Cancer in Love will need to find a way to mix their qualities together. If they can do this in a positive way, they will be able to do anything together.


Aquarius is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. Cancer is ruled by the moon. Uranus is about rebellion and is concerned with things being strange and novel. The moon is about emotions. It is full of bright, female energy. It is emotional and concerned with development and home. Cancer zodiac sign will see these themes as important. They will teach the valuable lesson of having an open heart.

Mix of Traits

Planet Saturn will be concerned with hard work and the discipline to accomplish its goals. Uranus will be concerned with forward thought. This mix of traits will make sense for the Aquarius personality. They are going to be looking ahead and will not be afraid to get their hands dirty. They are sociable and intelligent. They can learn the importance of emotional impulses. The female influence of their planet will bring beauty and comfort into the home.


At the same time, Aquarius can teach the Cancer personality the importance of having an emotionally distant heart. They can put some distance between them and an uncontrollable situation. They are more than capable of being able to reevaluate their goals if they get off course. They are not necessarily cold. However, the Aquarius Cancer compatibility can benefit from the crab’s warm and female moon-based influence.


Aquarius And Cancer Love Compatibility – Positive

The best thing about Aquarius and Cancer love compatibility is that when they decide to work together they will make a strong force. They will be able to have a natural balance when they decide to mix their different energies. They will be able to have fun with their differences rather than letting them hurt their chance of love.


Aquarius and Cancer in Love can have a lot of potential for change. They can change each other for the better. They can change the world. Aquarius and Cancer relationship will have a compatibility that might not be love at first sight. Aquarius is a free spirit and a very rational rebel. Cancer is quiet and loving. They like being at home. They will enjoy things that are proven. Their zodiac compatibility might not be that obvious.

Aquarius being compatible means having an intelligent exercise. They can be cold and distant. They will look for someone to relate to on a mental level. The Cancerian will see love as an instinctive reaction. They will be sensitive and will have feelings that are emotionally led. They will rule over their rational powers. They have very basic differences on an emotional level.

When the Aquarius is dating the Cancer, both will be very determined. Aquarius is a fixed sign. They will not want to change their mind. They will have a very rational mind. They can give them a new way of thinking. Cancer is a cardinal sign. They will always base their actions on the goals they want to accomplish. They can help to give it warmth and depth. They can be too routine. They will both need to work off of each other’s strengths. They will be more compatible when they mix the best of their zodiac personalities together.


In the Aquarius and Cancer marriage, both will be very caring. It might be their compassion that attracts them to each other. At the same time, their compassion will be directed in different directions. The Cancer birthday person will do everything they can to protect their loved ones. However, Aquarius will ignore their loved ones to do work for those that are underprivileged. They will both admire each other’s efforts. They will have a successful relationship where they care for those around them. Aquarius Cancer love compatibility will be based on them both not being selfish.


Aquarius Cancer Compatibility – Negative

The crab can be clingy. Aquarians will need complete and total freedom. Because of this, they might have a lot of trouble in the Aquarius Cancer love compatibility. Cancer will need to know where Aquarius is all the time. They will want to know where they are, who they are with, what they are doing, why, and when they will be done. The Aquarius man or Aquarius woman will not like this. The crab will not like that they can go out all day and not have the water bearer check up on them once. Aquarius and Cancer soul mates will have to compromise. The crab will have to learn to give the Aquarian space. Aquarius born will have to learn to not be emotionally distant and look interested.

An Aquarius dating a Cancer is from different elements. Aquarius can be romantic in their own way. They will bring flowers and wine when the relationship is established. However, they will not continue to do this. They will eventually feel that it is not needed. Cancer is an emotional water sign. They will need to say “I love you” a lot and they will need to hear it a lot more. They might not have the will to understand each other’s different ways of expressing their emotions.


Aquarius is a Fixed sign and Cancer is a Cardinal sign. They will both be determined when they are working towards their goals. They will follow their set paths until the end. They will both place a lot of importance on their relationship. They will both not be discouraged by that knowledge. They will continually think of each other. They might have arguments. Aquarius will see that Cancer is capable of being shy and hiding in its shell.

However, they can be very stubborn and determined. The Cancer male or Cancer female will not mind using emotional manipulation on their loved ones. Aquarius men or Aquarius women might not like the crab being over-emotional. They will both have to agree to work towards a common goal to have a successful relationship.

Aquarius is an Air sign. They will see life as an intelligent exercise. They will see it as a continual exploration and an expansion of the mind. Cancer is a Water sign. They are more rational. They will stop and ask how something feels. They both might find it hard to see where each other is coming from. They might have arguments if the water bearer is too emotionally distant leading to an Aquarius Cancer breakup.

If Cancer is too emotionally demanding they could have disagreements. They might work against each other. They will want more and more from their lover. Because of this, Aquarius will be more and more distant. They will both need to accept that they have different views of life. They will be able to celebrate their differences rather than feeling threatened by it.

Aquarius And Cancer Compatibility – Conclusion

Aquarius and Cancer in Love will both be motivated and ambitious. They will both want to get their way and they will not like to argue. Cancer will be old-fashioned. They are traditional and like routine. They will have morals that are more conservative than progressive. At the same time, Aquarius is very modern. They will find routine boring. They will think that the crab is dull in the way they find their comfort.

Cancer might be interested in Aquarius’ sense of excitement. They are traditional and they might be frustrated by trying to keep up with the water bearer’s revolutionary mind. Aquarius will not like the crab being clingy. At the same time, they might find comfort in the steady base Cancer will provide. However, they will not be likely to admit it. This Aquarius and Cancer compatibility can work but only with a lot of effort and patience.

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