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Aquarius Personality Traits & Characteristics

Aquarius Personality Traits

You are an Aquarius if you were born between January 21st through February 19th. Aquarius personality traits suggest that you need to be able to do what you want when you want to do it.

The Aquarius zodiac traits show you tend to be rather smart and creative, and if they aren’t allowed to express themselves in the way that they want to, then it is likely that they will not be happy.


For an Aquarian to be happy he or she needs all the opportunities that they can get to express themselves creatively and intellectually. Whether this is through art or something else, an Aquarius needs to be left to their own devices.

Both the Aquarius man and woman love to learn, especially if it’s in a unconventional way. While young Aquarians get bored at school, they are likely to look up things to learn on their own time.

They will want to learn skills more than just book knowledge. Aquarius loves to create! This may urge the young Aquarius personality to learn about music, art, cooking, building things, or learning a new language.


Aquarius Positive Personality Traits

Although Aquarius may act emotionally detached at times, they do care, especially about their friends. When a friend needs help, an Aquarius will be there to give it.

The Aquarius personality traits show they may go back to acting detached afterward, but from that point on their friends will know that they do care. However, at first, this emotional detachment may push away friends and partners.


So if an Aquarius wants to have more successful relationships, he or she needs to learn how to open up a little bit more around others, especially the people whom they care about the most.

The Aquarius’ characteristics show they want to do something great in the world with their talents. They won’t be satisfied by a simple cashiering or desk job. They need a job that fits their personality. You won’t see a happy Aquarius working in retail.


Many Aquarians may have a day job to earn most of their money, and then work on their own projects once they get home. Aquarius are constantly working on their talents, hoping to one day get their big break.

Aquarius Negative Personality Traits

Aquarius zodiac signs thrive on creativity, and because of this, they tend to wilt in environments that are not conducive to their talents. An Aquarius is likely to get side-tracked at work or school when it comes to the mundane.


On the other hand, if a project calls for creativity, an Aquarius personality will jump on it, wanting to prove their skills. Aquarius may need extra help in school to keep them on track with the more boring projects, and they may also need help organizing themselves at work until they can get a job that can more easily stimulate them.

The Aquarius personality traits show they want to have things their way, and they are not afraid of causing some trouble to get there. Aquarius can be seen as a rebellious sign if you look at it in a good light, but authority figures may see Aquarius as simply stubborn.

Both are true to some extent, but Aquarius doesn’t care. However stubborn or rebellious they are is just part of expressing their individuality. The last thing an Aquarius wants is to just be a face in the crowd.

Aquarius Love Personality Characteristics

An Aquarius needs a soul mate that is just as creative as them, or at least creative enough to stimulate them. Aquarius doesn’t like simple chit-chat, they would rather have a meaningful conversation that they can learn from.

The Aquarius characteristics show they also love variety, so they need a partner who can keep up with exciting changes. If a partner cannot do this, then the relationship will likely not last very long. An Aquarius in bed will be creative, perhaps coming up with new positions.

They don’t want sex to be bogged down with emotions, so they may be likely to have one-night stands to avoid this. Whatever the case, sex with Aquarius will be exciting and different every time.

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