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Cancer Woman Aquarius Man – Can Be A Stormy Or Beautiful Relationship

Love Compatibility Between Cancer Woman Aquarius Man

How compatible are Cancer women and Aquarius men mentally, emotionally and sexually? When the Cancer woman falls for the Aquarius man, the combination of water and air can cause a storm off the coast of their relationship. She is emotional and an introvert, while he is eccentric and an extrovert. But if the Cancer woman Aquarius man come together just right, they’ll see a rainbow afterward. The minor hiccups need to be forgotten.

Cancer Woman Aquarius Man Relationship – Pros

The Cancer woman is a fluid creature, with moods that change with the tides. The Aquarius man is a dynamic personality, offbeat and looking for the next exciting opportunity. She is intrigued by his curious nature, and he is attracted to her strong intuition.

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The Cancer woman and Aquarius man first matchup on a mental level, for he is highly intelligent and she is a deep thinker.

But the Cancer female in love is more reserved in her thoughts and actions, while he is a mover and a shaker. He doesn’t like to stand still, while she loves to relax and stay home. She is a great homemaker, and he may find this routine dull.

The Aquarius male in love is not into anything conventional, and that’s where she shines. But even if there isn’t much common ground between these two sun signs, they can learn a lot from each other if they are willing.

The Cancer woman Aquarius man love compatibility begins in the bedroom. The Cancer woman experiences their lovemaking on an emotional level, and he experiences it on a mental one.

The Cancer female sexually is soft and sensual, which appeals to his masculine energy, and he is creative and bold, which can be exciting to his usually quiet partner. His enthusiasm matches her devotion, and they can lean on each other’s strengths to tighten their bond of love. Read about Aquarius man sex traits.

If she can let go of her inhibitions and fly off with her air sign, he will gladly take her hand and lead them onto the next adventure. And if he allows her to take his hand and hold him on the couch, she will offer him the most caring and nurturing partner. And the Cancer woman’s strong intuition will break down the barriers that her Aquarius man sometimes puts up to remain unusual and mysterious in this Cancer compatibility.

cancer woman aquarius man

Cancer Woman Man Aquarius Relationship – Cons

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The Cancer woman Aquarius man pair will have to be careful, as his adventurous nature may be too overbearing for her delicate sensibilities, and he may grow bored with her softer displays of affection. She will have to challenge him once in a while, and he will have to dial back the outrageous suggestions to meet in the middle.

If the Cancer woman can teach him her romantic tricks, he can learn to enjoy their intimacy on a whole new level. And if she can learn to let loose a bit and try new things, he’ll bring their union to new heights. Both need to be open to new opportunities.

It will be difficult for both the Cancer woman and Aquarius man zodiac signs to compromise, as she needs to feel protected and he craves his freedom. But if committed, she will do whatever it takes to enhance the relationship, and he will be up for the challenge. Get free Cancer woman dating tips and Aquarius man dating tips.

It can be rocky travels for this Cancer woman Aquarius man couple, and they will have to find a way to deal with their partner’s quirks. She will have to give him the space he needs to discover whatever the world has to offer, and he will have to return to their home with the reassurance that he is still hers in this Aquarius compatibility.


Cancer is a cardinal water sign whereas Aquarius is a fixed air sign, the Cancer woman Aquarius man compatibility gets a THREE Hearts rating. Once she comes to understand what makes the Aquarius man tick, he will love her to the moon and back. This Cancer woman Aquarius man love match is unique and different.



  1. I’m an Aquarius man and I’m very passionate and romantic and don’t mind staying home but going out to camp and explore. I know a cancer woman that loves freedom and is amazing in every way treats me amazing and can be little rough which is awesome

    • I am a Cancer woman(moon in scorpio) year of the boar(pig) been married to my Aquarius man (moon in aries) year of the rat for 15 years and still counting with four kids (2girls, 2boys). It does happen!

    • I’m a Cancer woman that is madly in love my Aquarius male. So, this is very promising and encouraging to read! And he’s also romantic, passionate, loving and caring. I find myself wanting to get out more and he likes to stay home, so it’s been great so far. Thanks Mandy and True13 for your encouraging posts

  2. I’m a Cancer woman dated my 1st Aqua man for 3 years when I was younger but he was afraid to tie the knot. He said I was great in bed, beautiful, great cook the only thing I was too demanding and controlling. After I broke it off he came looking for me after a whole year wanting to give it another try and I couldn’t. I refused to let him break my heart again and we just remained friends. I met my 2nd aqua man soon after and got pregnant fast. The sexual chemistry was out of this world. We got married and have been going strong for 8 years now.

  3. I’m a cancer woman and engineed to a ♒️ aquarius man and our relationship at first was very rocky we looked for each other and he broke my heart by lefted me pregnant with our son now he’s my best friend, soul mate and my everything, he teaching me how to open up and grow up I had a alot of trauma he didn’t know in my past.. He still helping me to heal my bumbs and be a stronger person today.. He my support and my everything.. I love you ms. Munoz from your wife

  4. Funny the reoccurring theme here is them breaking our hearts and then coming back. Because that’s what happened to me too. Except pretty sure he is about to break my heart again. He tell me loves me and then won’t talk to me for days

  5. I’m a cancer woman in love with an Aquaius man. We met at work. I was quite shy around him at first, but opened up a little here & there (short chats). After a month & half of working near him, he made a subtle move (in passing touched my arm). Sparks flew inside me! I started talking to him more & more (towards the end of the workday) & whoa! we starting hugging when we’d part, this led to a kiss 2 wks later, & I’ve been in love ever since. Of all the men I’ve been in relationships with in the past (which incl. a virgo, scorpio, leo, sagittarius, & libra), he by far the best in personality, looks, confidence, intelligence, & overall how he carries himself. He is absolutely adorable in his expressions & things he says. And he’s got a smile that when he looks at me, I melt! I look forward to marrying him one day (hopefully) and making love w/ him for the first time. It will be a week in bed, I’m sure. He’s already in my system permanently, & it’s like he’s magnet & I’m steel.
    Hooked for Life.

    • Your situation is very similar to mine. Accept i am a married cancerian and we were having an affair. Such an exciting roller coaster ride. But aquarians dont like our overly emotional side. 2 years ago after he saw me with my husband he got so jealous and would not speak to me. He got married to someone else a few months later. I just let it go. Now two years later he’s chatting me up again. Its like we can be apart for months and then always find our way back to each other. We have chats on whatsup for like 8 or more hours all the time. What we are doing is so wrong bcos now we’re both married to other people but its like we’re magnetic at the same time and can never stay away from each other. We still work together and this has now been going on for nine years.

  6. HI I am a Aquarius man, thinking whishing to date this cancer women who been on my mind for ages now, but i am a little afraid she might reject me if i make the move and cant live up to her expectations, can it be true it can work out into a happy loving peaceful and blissful lasting love life long relationship, I have ready hear a lot about compatibility and how it can all go wrong, yet after reading your posts i feel reassured that if it binds into a relationship, then this could be forever a making of two together as one, I think if we was the same, it would be like two magnets trying to come together, so yes maybe our differences can work.

  7. I recently met a woman 20 years younger than me but who is perfect for me. Motivated, loving, beautiful, well I could go on for a while with those. She is super traditional but she’s into me as she says very nice, positive things. I have tried to go super slow because of how traditional she is and it is HARD. I have no slow speed. I go 100%. I was made to love one person at a time. I focus all my attention on them.
    I am a person that retreats when things are uncomfortable. When stressed at work I prefer to dissapear into my work and become less communicative and this scares me as I don’t think she can handle something like that. When I’m not stressed it’s easy for me to connect with her. She’s amazing. We connect on so many levels.
    My great fear is that for me, the physical side of things is VERY important. That is my only love language. I am worried that perhaps she will not be that physical due to comments she has made about how hugging people used to make her feel threatened. I mean, she hugs me and touches me from time to time when we are driving around together etc. I just want to feel confident that cancer women like physical contact and making love because those things are vital to my existence.
    I get the need for reassurance, she is 25 and it is easy for me to reassure her. She has amazing abilities and is an angelic human being. She just has trouble believing it. I feel convinced she is for me because I can give her what she lacks and I believe everyone comes to us for a reason. I just don’t want to let her down as she gets to know the “real” me when I’m not charming and outgoing. I’m actually super boring most of the time. But then I think about how she doesn’t do parties and drinking either, we both love being out in nature and we both do yoga, love children and animals, work hard, just so many things. I really want this girl. Just concerned about keeping her. She is the kindest, sweetest person you have met with a heart the size of the universe. She has feelings that run miles deep which I’m sure I will never understand as I feel detached from most of humanity all the time. I just want to explore everything about her and keep her with me for as long as she will stay. So if you have advice on how to make that last longer I am taking advice. 🙂

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