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Aquarius Woman And Cancer Man – Difficult To Connect

Aquarius Woman Cancer Man Love Compatibility

How compatible are Aquarius women and Cancer men mentally, emotionally and sexually? It can be difficult for the Aquarius woman and Cancer man to connect immediately. The female water bearer is an extrovert while the male crab is an introvert. But he is intrigued by her unusual intellect and their conversations are never dull. This is often a good starting point.


Aquarius Woman Cancer Man Relationship – Pros

If these two sun signs come across each other it’s often at an intimate gathering. Both of them are social creatures, but while she is working the crowd he is standing outside of it with a smaller group of friends. The Aquarius woman will most likely make the first move and he will be glad she did, for the minute they start talking the Cancer man is fascinated by her stories and ideas.

The Aquarius female appreciates the enthusiastic way he responds to her questions, and she recognizes the great lengths he goes to when trying to maintain a lively discussion. He seems eager to please and she responds by working just as hard.


She can see how dedicated the Cancer male is and what a solid provider he would be. She likes this for she doesn’t care to maintain a household, and he will easily pick up the slack. And if there is enough of an attraction, they will move things into the bedroom.


The Aquarius and Cancer couple will have to rely on their communication skills to get through their difference during sex. He can bring his emotional roller coaster ride into the clouds where she is, and they can combine their opposing techniques to create a satisfying approach between the sheets.

aquarius woman cancer man

 Aquarius Woman And Cancer Man Relationship – Cons

The Cancer man experiences their lovemaking on an emotional level and the Aquarius woman enjoys it on a mental one. He throws himself deeply into any situation, and their sexual union is no different. She, on the other hand, is not that involved in a spiritual manner. Because of this, she may come off as cold or detached, and he will start to worry he isn’t satisfying his lover.


He needs constant reassurance that everything is okay between them, and she doesn’t see the need for such affirmation. But his tried and true methods between the sheets may bore her at times, and her need for excitement might be daunting to him.

The Aquarius woman Cancer man match will have to continue this kind of compromise outside the bedroom as well. While Cancer men are willing to take care of their household duties, (something she is grateful for) they can be prone to emotional outbursts. Aquarius women would rather use logic to fix things, and he may not respond to her critical thinking the way she wants him to.

If this causes an argument between them, the Cancer man will retreat into his shell and it will take a lot to coax him out of it. She will have to learn patience with his timid nature, for she is much more open and confident than he is. Meanwhile, her desire to be out and about can be a bit much for the homebody Cancer, and he will have to trust her to come back from her journeys.


Aquarius is a fixed air sign whereas Cancer is a cardinal water sign, the Aquarius woman Cancer man compatibility gets a THREE Hearts rating. The Aquarius Cancer pair will have to build a foundation of honesty and respect if they are to maintain a balanced union. But he will work hard to keep his Aquarius partner happy, and she will always return to his nurturing ways. When they are on the same path, there’s nothing they can’t do together.

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