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7 Dating Rules To Keep In Mind

Maybe you’ve been dating for a while. Maybe you’re just getting back into dating after a break up. Either way, it’s good to remind yourself of the basic rules for great dating. Here are a few to keep in mind.


Top Dating Tips

#1. Look Great

Today’s fashions are relaxed, hair is natural, and beards are stylish in men. That’s great, but don’t assume that your date wants to spend time with you in your old sweats and t-shirt. You want to be clean, smell good, and look good.


Take care of your hair, trim the beard (if you have one), and wear natural-looking makeup (for women). And smelling good doesn’t necessarily mean perfume.

You don’t know if your date will have a reaction to your favorite perfume or cologne, so don’t over do it. You might even consider just a good-smelling body wash for your pre-date shower and skip the scent altogether.

#2. Keep Your Dates Simple

Don’t make the first date a black-tie affair. For men, don’t try to impress your date by spending obscene amounts of money. For women, don’t overdo the hair, make-up, nails and dress.


If you both are trying too hard, you won’t be able to relax and focus on each other. So keep the date to a simple dinner, even picnic or bike ride. The point is to get to know your date, not to show off.


#3. Don’t Air The Dirty Laundry

It’s important to be honest and to be yourself on a date, but it’s not necessary to share your every secret and bad trait right away. You’re not selling a used car; it’s OK to hide the defects for a while.

In addition, you don’t need to spill your entire life story in the first date. Especially avoid a detailing of past romantic partners. Your date will accept your bad points more readily once they’ve seen how many good points you have.


#4. Stay Upbeat

This may be the dream date of your life or you may quickly realize that you’ll never date this person again. Regardless of your situation, you owe it to your date and yourself to have a good time.

Be positive and nice. Find what’s great about the evening and point it out. Keeping an open attitude could even turn a bad date into a good one. Happy people make other people happy. Be the sunshine.

#5. Stick To Traditional Gender Roles

Early dates are not the time for females to insist on opening your own doors or going Dutch. Women can certainly pay for the date if you did the asking out. But don’t get upset if the man pulls out your chair. He’s just being nice.

You can talk about your presidency of the local equal rights chapter later. For men, don’t take equality as an opportunity to be a jerk. If you asked her out, don’t insist she pay half. You don’t have to throw your coat on a puddle, but small gestures that show you’re thinking about her will be welcome.

#6. Save Sex For Later

If you jump right into bed in the first few dates, you send the message that you’re just after a booty call. If you really like this person, you’ll want to get to know them before complicating the relationship with sex.

However, males definitely want to get that kiss and maybe have a hot make-out session. Trying out your chemistry before sex will help you decide if you want to keep dating each other.

#4. Call Back, Just Not Right Away

It’s OK for either the woman or the man to make the first call after the date. But wait a couple of days. Don’t act too eager for the next date or you’ll seem desperate. People who have their own lives and are firmly standing on their own feet most often attract romance.

call waiting

Dating is fun, exciting and mysterious. And it might lead to the great love of your life. So pay attention to these few rules and do it right from the start.

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