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Taurus Woman In Love Personality Traits

Taurus Woman Love Personality & Traits

The Taurus woman in love personality is a creature of true sensuality. These earth signs are deeply centered in their physical form, and take great pleasure in all the sensations it can provide.

The Taureans’ earthy nature also makes the grounding of their lives in security of overwhelming importance. Emotional stability, financial and material stability, are all of absolute importance in keeping the Taurus woman happy.

The Taurus woman in love personality traits show that as such know that whether or not you’re stable in your career will be something that in itself affects her comfort level. And if things start to become unstable she’ll begin to wonder how serious you are, and if you are lacking in faithfulness.

taurus woman in love

Taurus Woman In Love Personality Traits

Taurus women are also deeply invested in love, bring ruled by the planet Venus and the goddess that shares the same name. Physical and emotional intimacy are the central themes of their life.

The Taurus woman in love traits show that detachment of any kind from their partners is not in their nature, and if their partners should pull away or lack in intimacy, they’ll take it as a sign of not being interested.

This part of the Taurus lady’s nature will require not just nights of passionate love, but regular shows of affection throughout the day. Touching your Taurus girl is a sure way to let her know you’re deeply invested in the relationship.

Speaking of loyalty, a Taurus woman in bed will be unwavering in her loyalty to you. Monogamy is one more form of stability for them, and that’s how they understand love.

However, know that this means that more than any other, the crime of infidelity is almost beyond redemption in the eyes of a Taurus.

The Taurus woman in love characteristics show that any threat or indication that your love is not purely hers is going to cause issues. This can be as simple as having contact with partners from your past, which to the Taurus woman in love is another country.

How To Date A Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman in love traits show that when dating a Taurus woman, know that appealing to her senses will endear you to her. Rich foods with complex flavor palettes, music that is a beautiful composition of a desired mood.

This goes for wonderful wines and muted lighting will create an atmosphere that she truly revels in. Touch her skin with silk and fur, let her revel in her sensualist nature, and you will charm her beyond measure.

When a Taurus girl gets a hint of something amiss, you may find her questioning every action you take, and wondering whether you were really working late. Taurus are prone to jealousy, and it can be hard to defuse once lit.

Taurus Woman In Love Relationships

The Taurus woman in love personality traits show that when in a relationship, she is given to bouts of jealousy. And while traditionally they specifically apply to members of the opposite sex, in these modern times that isn’t necessarily going to be the only problem area.

Things can get particularly difficult if your tastes run to the full spectrum of the Kinsey scale. You’ll find your flirtations getting you in a pot of trouble no matter what their gender.

When it comes to others, largely the Taurus woman in love personality will let others live the life they’d choose to, so long as they don’t engage the Taurus too directly. But like a bull defending its field, should you cross into an area where that they hold dear, you’ll find them holding their ground and difficult to budge.

This can be a problem in relationships, and is part of the reason for their loyalty, and their tendency to hold onto things like Jealousy. Get an idea into their heads, and you’ll find it difficult to dislodge them. Patience is about the only thing that will bring about a change in this, and sometimes there’s just no moving them.

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In the end, the Taurus woman in love characteristics show that you’ll find this lady to be a passionate, devoted lover who places a great deal of stock in home and family. Where she sets down roots and calls a place her home, there she builds her security.

She may stomp her hooves from time to time, and you may have to be patient with her, but in the end, she will bring a great deal of love, and one that will unequivocally be yours if you treat her right.

When it comes to matrimony, know that she won’t commit until she’s very comfortable and secure in you and your relationship, but once she is, she’s there to stay.

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