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How To Read Palms: The Intuition Line In Palmistry

What’s the Intuition Line in Palmistry?

Wondering where your future is headed? If you are curious and want answers; palm readers are willing to give you a hand. Palmists, also known as chirologists, examine the lines on your hands and fingers in order to foretell what will happen to you in the future. Let us know more about the intuition line in palmistry.


The art of palmistry is a historic practice that is still performed in many different cultures around the world, including India, China, and Europe. The school of modern thought associates hand lines with brain waves. Palmists believe that hand lines are related to each individual’s cerebral design.

Palmistry is a great tool for counseling and self-discovery. Through palm reading, your eyes will open to what is ahead. If you decide you want to make changes, according to what your reading has foretold, it is important to track your progress.


Your hand lines will change over time. As you continue to make positive changes in your life, get follow-up palm readings. If your reading has changed for the better, then you must be on the right track.

Are You Intuitive?

If you are interested in learning about your level of instinct and perception, then you should request a palmist read your intuition line. The line of intuition, also known as the line of Uranus, is crescent-shaped. It can be found on the left side of the palm. It curves around from the Luna mount (below the pinky) to the Mercury mount (above the wrist). This line is very rare, so do not be disappointed if you do not possess it.


For those who do have this uncommon hand line, it is a sign of strong intuition and psychic abilities. You will able to understand people and situations on a level that most others cannot. You may also experience premonitions through vivid dreams. This empathy can sometimes cause trouble when you are surrounded by a crowd of people, due to high levels of energy and emotions.


How to Read The Intuitive Lines On Your Palm?

Palm reading involves thorough interpretations of the line patterns and bumps on your hands and fingers. First, examine the dominant hand. This is the hand that you use most often for everyday activities. Your principal hand signifies your present life.

If you want to learn more about your current well-being, then you should analyze your dominant hand. Next, study your passive hand.  This will help to predict your future struggles and triumphs. The main four lines that hand readers inspect include life, heart, head, and fate.

The Life Line

You can find your life line below the head line, in the corner of the thumb. It will curve around in a half-circle shape towards the bottom of the palm, above the wrist. Although this line does not determine the span of your life, it can be useful in accessing key life changes related to your physical health.

The Heart Line

Your heart line is located below your index finger and extends across the palm, ending below the pinky. It can help interpret your emotional stability and the outlook of your romantic life.

The Head Line

The head line is located above the inner corner of the thumb and crosses over the palm to the other side of the hand. This line can help you learn how you communicate and decipher data.

The Fate Line

This line starts at the bottom of your palm, in the center. It will continue upward and end below your index and middle finger. The fate line, also known as the line of destiny, is uncommon. If you have the fate line, your life may be strongly affected by events out of your control.      

What’s Your Line Depth?

There are different levels of ability, depending on line depth. If you have a visible and unbroken line of intuition, you have psychic abilities. If the line is faded or broken, your ability may be called into question. The depth of the line relates to the individual’s connection to his intuition.

If you possess the line of intuition, and you are not fully connecting to your intuitive self; this reflects in the level of depth. Some areas of your intuition line may be clearer than other areas. Where your line stands out indicates the source of your intuitive skill.

Where Does Your Intuition Come From?

According to palmistry, mediums get their intuition from their gut, heart, and/or head. If your line of intuition is clearer on certain areas of your palm than others, this can be indicative of the source of your foresight. You can get a better insight into where your sixth sense comes from by examining the lines intersecting or in the range of your intuition line.

Your Mind

For some people, intuition occurs in the mind. A strong, clear intuition line that intersects with the head line signifies one who is capable of natural forethought. If this applies to you, then you may experience visions or re-occurring dreams that allow you to predict the future.

Your Heart

Others find their insight from emotions. When a sharp line of intuition overlaps the heart line, you are overly empathetic. At times you may find it difficult to be around large groups of people because of the different emotions everyone is sending out. Your empathetic ability will be useful when coming to the aid of family and friends.

Your Gut

If your intuition comes from a natural impulse, this is gut instinct. A visible, strong intuition line near the bottom of the palm, opposite of the life line, suggests enhanced visceral ability. You may have a gut feeling about something, which allows you to take the appropriate steps in order to alleviate the predicament. This gift will prove valuable in many situations.

Who Has the Intuition Line?

As previously mentioned, most people do not have the intuition line. Prophets and healers from times past have possessed the intuition line. Needless to say, it is rare to possess it. Those who are air-handed will have a strong intuition line. Air-handed people have long, thin hands.

If you have an air-hand, menial tasks will easily bore you. The earth-handed community will have little to no chance of having a line of intuition. If you have an earth-hand, you will have big, coarse hands. It is common to find earth-handed people working in labor-intensive jobs, such as construction.

By visiting a local palmist or reading your own palm, you can determine your level of intuitiveness. Remember to analyze your head, heart, and lifelines. This will help you to better determine the source of your intuition. It can come from one or more of these areas.

Keep in mind, that palm reading is not scientifically proven. Do not solely rely on a palmist’s prediction to drastically change the course of your life. Although hand reading is not an exact science, it can be a great source of positive reinforcement.

If you are looking for a non-conventional method to discover more about yourself and strengthen positive changes, this is a great approach. Don’t give up on your path to connecting with your true intuitive self. Good luck!

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