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Celtic Cernunnos Symbolism: Using Your Inner Power

What Are The Signs Of Cernunnos?

The Celtic Cernunnos Symbolism has some association with dogs, bulls, and rats. It talks of powers you have to express in the wake of finding the right things in your life. So, you have to subject yourself to Celtic to assure you of support and sound guidance. The plans you have are a clear indication of the aspirations you have in life. Imagine and envision your life and have the right path that will connect you with your spirit world.


Is Cernunnos a Celtic?

It has some similarities to Lords of Winds. So, it displays the relevance of the inner power that the dive world has over the life of essential things in maintaining good living standards. Keep going for what will be important in your life expectations. But having the right relationships will be crucial as you aim to bring change in your life. Deep done your heart, you have to ensure you have the trust in your spirit beings.


Who Is Cernunnos In Celtic Mythology?

It is depicted as the mediator or a teacher whose function is to bring harmony and understanding of different things in your life. So, you have to look for ideas to assist others in making progress in their lives. The progress of success will ensure you enrich good feelings and togetherness in victories progress. Keep going for what you know will foster unity.


What does Celtic Cernunnos mean?

It means the importance of incorporating different structures and cultures to bring about unity. The belief is that people need some eradication and the power to achieve the right things in life. So, at any point, you have to think of better days to achieve the success you aim at, which is unity and wholeness. The Celtic will show the vital factors that will lead to prosperity.


Celtic God Cernunnos

The Celts’ ancient ideals, beliefs, and practices are preserved through their art, ruins, and mainly, their stories. They weren’t massive on having a written language, which means that we have to trust the legends, even if they are not concretely sound. Although we can’t be completely certain of some things, there are many thoughts and ideas about the funny horned god, Cernunnos.

Worshiped across Europe, this deity has shown many stone carvings, artistic works, and other religious artifacts. Thus, we have a pretty accurate conception of how the Celts viewed his physical image. He is personified in a human male form with stag antlers emerging regally from his head like a crown. Cernunnos is also typically displayed sitting in a meditative position surrounded by wild animals.

The Name Symbols Of Cernunnos

Although Celtic’s name is unknown, several schools of thought regarding who this Latin name may refer to, some associate Cernunnos with the Celtic “Man in the Tree,” also called Derg Corra. Others think he could be a Latin version of the god Fionn, who knows to have a rapport with deer. While people may disagree on specifics, they all share the belief that this deity is a male entity connected with fertility, hunting, agric, growth, and the cycle of the four seasons. We can also break down the specific symbolism of certain aspects of Curnunnos’s image.

Celtic Cernunnos Symbolism

Celtic Symbols Of Cernunnos

Cernunnos Symbol : Horns

The first element of Cernunnos’ appearance that we can look at is the dominant horns that sit atop his head. For the Celts, horns, with their captivating presence and grandeur, speak of power, virility, progress, and authority in a male form. Wild animals are used as both tools and weapons and play a role in mating rituals. Whichever beast had the larger antlers or horns would most likely dominate, as these head features were thought to symbolize fitness.

Cernunnos’ horns are always symbolized as massive, representing the show of his power, fitness, and clout. He was viewed as an essential deity across all cultures who revered him. Horns are also symbolic of the cyclical nature of life, especially when focusing on recycling. Antlers grow during the season of new life, spring, fall off in the fall, and regrow, which shows how all living things experience birth, death, and renewal. Symbolically, Cernunnos’s symbol would have stood for the rigid inherent in all of life.

Horns also played a role in a cosmic sense. The pair that Cernunnos wears branch out greatly and symbolize the expanding rays of the sun. Solar symbols are also symbols of power, strength, and light, so this interpretation fits in with the other masculine characteristics associated with him. In later artistic depictions, this god was shown with a crescent atop his head, similar to the horns of a bull. The crescent is indicative of lunar symbolism and unity with feminine energy. Agriculture and abundance are represented in this symbol, which fits Cernunnos as the planter of seeds. Horn symbolism is very diverse, allowing you to approach it from a variety of angles.

Cernunnos Symbol : Torc

Cernunnos is also portrayed holding a torc, an ancient piece of jewelry showing status: the more ornate, the higher your rank in the clan. Sometimes, he is even shown with two of them, which boosts his status even further. Golden, copper, brass, or silver torcs are thick, nearly full circles worn around the neck, signifying high class, wealth, and the perceived deserving of respect. This shows another Celtic occurrence of the half-moon symbol, reusing the concept of female and the union of gender energies for balance and new life.

Cernunnos Celtic Symbolism: Gold Coins

Furthermore, Cernunnos is also shown with a purse filled with gold coins, a sign that he was rich in…something (probably wisdom and power) – a god doesn’t need gold. He is thought to be a generous god, sharing his riches when they are deserved. As a result, Celts often turned to him when they needed abundance and/or wealth.

Cernunnos Celtic Symbolism: Snake

The final symbol of Cernunnos came to the Celts in the form of a snake, which he often holds in his hand. Snake symbolism is often difficult to interpret, as you must consider the specific culture and era when studying it. To the ancient Celts, snakes were a tricky one. They possessed a mix of powers to show by both genders, again signifying the male-female balance and the joining of polar energies.

Snakes demonstrate the birth of an entirely new kind of energy born from the joining of the two. Thus, it speaks of Cernunnos’ divine power, which possesses true ability. Additionally, snakes shed their skins after growing, which is directly symbolic of the transitions we each go through in life.

The diversity in knowing regarding Cernunnos allows you to do your spiritual search into a personal journey. Your experience and interpretation will be unique, and you will strengthen your rapport with Cernunnos.


Celtic Cernunnos Symbolism is a subject of checking different things that have an impact on unity and growth. So, it will rely on the steps and the rules you take to develop inner strength, reflecting on your journey of life. Additionally, it talks of having the Celtic images surrounding and projecting good living and connecting with your divine world.

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