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vedic name numerology

The Hidden World Of Vedic Name Numerology

Vedic Name Numerology – What is it?

Vedic esotericism uses numerology to determine aspects of our personality.  It is just one of the four different types of this style of number interpretation system, each representing a different specific aspect of our personalities. Numbers have always been potent tools, but the Vedic name numerology uses them uniquely and innovatively. The result’s name numbers indicate one’s work ethic, career choice, vocation, and style of social interaction. Figuring out our own assists us not only in seeing how we cooperate with others and predicts events that we may experience in our lives.


Numbers and Planets in Vedic Name Numerology

In this system, numbers are interpreted based on their corresponding planets after years of recorded observations.  Scientists, numerologists, and esoterically inclined folks have also used detailed observations of how numbers affect the lives of humans when developing this and other systems.  No matter which approaches you view them from (Vedic, Western, Eastern, mathematical, etc.), we can see that the power of numbers has been and continues to be undeniable.


Below you will find a chart detailing the letter-number associations of the Vedic name numerology.  Write down the number associated with each letter of both your first and last name.  After that, you will find yourself with a multi-digit number that needs to be reduced.  For example, if your multi-digit number were 185, you would break it down to 1+8+5= 14 before reducing it again to 1+4=5.  You always want to reduce the number down to a single digit.

A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5
F=8 G=3 H=5 I=1 J=1
K=2 L=3 M=4 N=5 O=7
P=9 Q=1 R=2 S=3 T=4
U=6 V=6 W=6 X=5 Y=1

Now that you have your single number, you can read about your main personality trait.  As is always the case with symbolism, though, things are subjective.  It would help if you used a combination of intuition and study- balance is the key.  If something speaks to you, listen to it.  Below are the commonly accepted Hindu character points associated with each digit.


1. The Pioneer

Pioneering people are achievers in both their social lives and in the workplace.  People with this number are not afraid to go for it, seizing all opportunities they face.  As linear-minded people, “ones” set goals and figure out the logical steps and methods necessary for achieving them. Oftentimes, pioneers find themselves being the center of attention, as they are healthy, confident, well-equipped, and radiant.


2. The Philosopher

Typical of the pensive philosopher, “twos” possess an incredible amount of patience that allows for deep introspection.  These are very perceptive people who prefer to stand back and watch how things unfold before making decisions or committing to things.  This can be a challenge for them sometimes, but their expansive minds allow them to see solutions in ways that others cannot.  Philosophers work well in partnerships and are excellent advice-givers.

3. The Innovator

As a “three,” Innovators possess a quick wit and sharp intellect, meaning they pick up skills easily and are quick learners.  These people retain information easily and adapt to any situation, making them valuable in any workplace field.  Although Innovators do not get angry quickly, they can be impatient when they feel struggling with a task.  People with this number also tend to be fairly lucky, being presented with great opportunities often.  However, this could also be due to their mentality and versatility.

4. The Architect

Fittingly, Architects love to plan and build.  They like to control projects and tasks from start to finish, valuing and trusting their order and structure above others’.  As practical people, “fours” think quickly without making hasty decisions.  They are methodical and thorough but still possess softer qualities such as being supportive and reliable.

5. The Negotiator

“Fives” are contagiously enthusiastic and charming to all.  With adventurous spirits and genuine interest in others, Negotiators communicate well with others who feed their high-energy and positive attitude.  These people are independent, though, and like to do things for themselves as opposed to taking the advice of others.

6. The Pacifier

As the name says, Pacifiers are calm and sweet, earning them the admiration of others.  These “sixes” use their goodwill for the betterment of others, although they do tend to be overly critical of themselves. Pacifiers have a strong sense of community and are fiercely loyal friends, going out of their way to guarantee the safety and comfort of others.  Additionally, these people seem to enjoy the finer quality of things in life.

7. The Educator

“Sevens” love to learn and share their discoveries with others. As scholars, they are highly imaginative, with nimble minds that can analyze data quickly.  It should come as no surprise, then, that Educators love a good puzzle, problem, or mystery that needs solving.  Although they have plenty of friends, they prefer solitude to social settings, allowing for better thinking time.

8. The Entrepreneur

People with “eight” as their Vedic number have well-developed instincts crucial for success in the business world. Entrepreneurs’ active minds quickly identify patterns, tendencies, and natures and use these skills to make smart investments.  They do not back down from challenges; rather, they seek them out and embrace them.  These people love to help others with problems, as it is another form of personal success. While this surely seems a bit cocky, “eights” view it only as rightful confidence.

9. The Philanthropist

This is the most self-less of personality types.  With sharp intellect and advanced wisdom, Philanthropists are highly influential people who come across as extremely charismatic.  They also root for the underdog and put everything on the line to right injustices and support others- “nines” thrive on having a true sense of purpose, especially when the cause is noble. Because they have a high moral code, they expect others and are quite harsh if they find anything else. Well-rounded and highly magnetic, people can’t help but be drawn to “nines”- that is if they share the same beliefs.

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