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Lo Shu

Feng Shui has a list of methods for prophecy purposes; of these Lo Shu happens to be a prominent one.  Lo Shu is one of the oldest forms of mathematical and divinatory traditions of China. It is considered as highly accurate and thus trustworthy.

It facilitates the people in getting to know of their future and thus do a detailed analysis of the same. The prophecy or foretelling is done in accordance to the five Chinese elements. Lo Shu has a very interesting mythological history.

The Lo Shu or otherwise known as the magic square gives an insight into a person’s future. It is also indicative of the absent pieces that if put in might lead to a better life. The Lo Shu grid has an interesting structure.

It is basically a three by three magic square in which if the three numbers are added the result is fifteen regardless of whether the addition is done row wise or diagonally or column wise. Fifteen represents the total number of days in each cycle of the Chinese solar year (twenty four cycles).

The odd and even numbers are found in alternation in the fringe of the Lo Shu pattern. The five odd numbers form a cross in the centre of the square and the four even numbers are at the four corners. The grid is reflective of the man’s interaction with the five elements which are earth, fire, wood, metal and water.

Feng Shui Lo Shu

Date of Birth:

Each element has numbers associated with them like water elements has the number 1 associated with it, fire element is associated with the number 9. The metal element is associated with the numbers 6 and 7 while the numbers 2, 5 and 8 are associated with earth element. The numbers 3 and 4 are associated with the wood element.

The modus operandi of this method is rather simple. All one need to do is place the date of birth in the magic grid. Each digit of the date of birth is indicative of an element. After this is done one could determine the missing element and its respective effect so the person could do the needful.

There are many cures for the missing element that one could resort to after the analysis of the grid. In case of absence of wood element the normal cure is to have a musical chime at the entrance. Similarly a missing earth element is cured by a square or a rectangular dining table.

The Lo Shu calculator helps in making the Lo Shu analysis. The user needs to enter his or her name and the date of birth. After that the analyzer does the necessary calculation and presents the Lo Shu grid. It also tells the user of the missing elements and the corresponding remedies.

Thus one could try out the Lo Shu methodology without actually going through the hassle of visiting a professional. This method has become very popular lately especially because many people are staunch believers of the accuracy of this method.



  1. we are living in India. Can we place The Lo Shu Square above the main door of my house, without the analysis of vastu of my house and without analysis of horoscopes of the persons living in my house?
    If yes, is there any negative effects of placing The Lo Shu Square above the main door of my house without any analysis?
    waiting for your early
    thank you

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