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Moon in Cancer Sign: Meaning, Significance And Personality Traits

The Moon In Cancer: Significance and Meaning

The Moon in Cancer people can be very melodramatic and feel close to everyone they meet.

Element And Quality: Water & Cardinal

Celebrities With Moon In Cancer: Clint Eastwood, Drew Barrymore, Kurt Cobain, Bette Midler

Positive Keywords for Moon in Cancer: Elegant, Nurturing, Kind, Imaginative, Social, Homely

Negative Keywords for Moon in Cancer: Moody, Over-sensitive, Overemotional


The Moon In Cancer: Personality


Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, they constantly feel its strong emotional pull. And the Moon in Cancer makes them even more emotional than they already are. Because of this, they tend to cling to their home and other familiar places and people to maintain security in their lives.



Cancer Moon people tend to be ruled by their mood swings. But, their feelings also allow them to be fairly in-tune with those around them. Their intuition is uncanny. And, they are the perfect shoulder to cry on for they will join in your pain and sadness. They try to please everyone all the time, which can be exhausting.

The Moon In Cancer

Positive Traits of the Moon in Cancer

The Moon In Cancer person can go to great lengths to keep their loved ones happy. They make wonderful friends and romantic partners. Their social status may not be as intense as other zodiac signs, in Western astrology. But they have a close-knit group of friends and loved ones who appreciate their time and effort.


And because they like being so close to home, they will usually offer their place to hold any party or auspicious function. They love playing host or hostess, and the Cancer Moon ramps up their enjoyment of any social gathering. Because of this personality trait, Cancer people are very kind and nurturing. They excel at taking care of their home and family, which not only makes them great homemakers but also great spouses or parents.


The Lunar Cancerians can often tell what’s bothering those around them and they are very easy to talk to. They openly welcome people to tell them their troubles so they can help in any way possible.

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Negative Traits of the Moon in Cancer

With the Moon in Cancer, they also need constant reassurance that they are doing well. Their sensitivity can sometimes be a hindrance, and they often defeat themselves with their mood swings. If they feel someone has slighted them, or if they are unsure about something, they will retreat into their shell until the coast is clear. And this can be detrimental in solving certain issues. But show them patience and support, and they will eventually emerge feeling refreshed and ready to help again.


While some things in their life can be messy, this is simply because they are too busy helping other people to worry about keeping up with their sanity. But everything gets taken care of in time, or else they risk another emotional outburst over the status of their home and lifestyle. And with the Moon in Cancer, their moods could not get more intense. They feel everything deeply and often cry at the drop of a hat.



When the Cancer Moon sign people are fully recharged, they will take on all the household responsibilities and duties. They tend to be successful so they can maintain a comfortable home life. They are usually well-organized to fully satisfy their own needs and the needs of others.


Whether they are happy, sad or otherwise, they can’t help but let their feelings show. They have no poker face when it comes to how they feel! And if they have trouble getting what they want because of it, they can sometimes resort to manipulating things behind the scenes. They hate confrontation, so they will try pulling some strings first to rectify a situation. But these things are often harmless, and a Cancer Moon person would never intentionally let anyone down.

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