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40 Questions About Money: To Ask Before Marriage

40 Questions About Money: To Ask Before Marriage

So, you’re getting married… congratulations! Being married is a wonderful thing. However, it can come with problems if you’re not properly prepared. Have you talked about the future and have satisfied money-related questions and answers? Here are a few questions about money that you should discuss before marriage.


Since money is one of the issues couples argue about, it will benefit you as questions about money management and work it out ahead of time. According to the experts, there are at least 40 questions about money you should ask before getting married.


Important Questions about Money and Happiness

  1. Before getting married, who taught you about managing money?
  2. Did your mother or father handle the money in your parent’s house?
  3. Do you follow a budget, or is it something you would consider if needed?
  4. How often do you check your bank account?
  5. Do you have an active savings account?

  1. How many times a month are you broke?
  2. Do you believe anyone can get rich gambling?
  3. How do you feel about earning money illegally?
  4. Do you set money to the side for emergencies?
  5. Do you normally put away money for road trips, cruises, concert tickets, etc.?


Money Mindset Questions

  1. Can you tell me about your long and short-term money goals?
  2. What are your goals, and do you have a plan to achieve them?
  3. Do your future goals include using the services of a financial advisor?
  4. If getting a tax refund, how do you spend it?
  5. Do you have questions about money, and what are your thoughts toward retirement?
  6. Have you thought of investing? What would you invest in?
  7. Would you consider credit counseling to improve your credit score?

  1. What drives you out of bed every day and makes you go to work early?
  2. Does self-employment scare you, or are you comfortable with the idea?
  3. Would you invest in a get-rich-quick scheme?
  4. How do you view people with unlimited amounts of cash?
  5. Do you think you’d become a philanthropist one day?
  6. Is bankruptcy ever an option?
  7. How important is it that you make large sums of money?
  8. Will it bother the husband if the wife makes substantially more than he does and vice versa?

Questions for Couples

  1. After marriage, will you have a joint or separate account?
  2. Has money ever been an issue in your previous relationships?
  3. What’s a ‘fair share when it comes to money?
  4. Would you consider a family budget?
  5. After children, who will stay at home?
  6. How much do you make each year?
  7. What would you do to save your marriage from drowning in debt?
  8. Do you help support your parents, and how much do you spend on them each month?

  1. Have you given any thought to who will pay the bills when you get married?
  2. Would you relocate for a better job or turn it down to stay close to your family?
  3. Do you own your house or car or both?
  4. Would you spend a lump sum of money without asking your spouse?
  5. Do you have student loans? Are you still paying for them?
  6. Will you put money away to help your children financially after they leave home?
  7. Are you willing to put money aside for medical bills for the children?

Money Mindset Exercises

Obviously, it would help if you asked many questions about money before getting married, which are not on the list. Because of this, it’s worth your time to ask some good questions about money.

Make sure you choose the ones which are meaningful to you and your partner. Of course, you don’t have to go through all of them, but do take the most important ones and discuss them with your significant other.

You can print the list of money questions for couples and highlight the ones to answer. It will be fun and informative to see how you both answered.

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