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Cancer Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Cancer Man Leo Woman

Can Cancer men and Leo women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually? The Leo Woman is the Sun while the Cancer Man is the Moon. He can reflect her light, and from time to time, become a shining star as well. But the two zodiac signs can never be together. Well unless you want trouble, like the Moon be swallowed up by the Sun, plunging the Earth into total darkness. The Cancer Man Leo Woman relationship has some potential, but none to hold it together for long-term status.


Compatibility – Pros

The Leo Woman is very passionate and has an artistic side that can be matched to the creative side of the Cancer Man. The Cancer Man’s intuitive side will be able to understand his Leo mate on a deeper level.


The Leo female lives to be the center of attention and she wants to be worshiped by her Cancer partner. She is willing though to take control when it comes to sex, and the Cancer male will fall in love with her romantic ways.

The Leo Woman is also able to give balance to the Cancer Man when it comes to his sensitive side. The love compatibility between the Cancer man and Leo woman is contradictory. A lot of effort is needed to make this love match work.

Cancer Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility
Cancer Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility. Do Not Let Your Anger And Aloofness Spoil The Enthusiasm And Dedication Of This Match.

Relationship – Cons

The Leo Woman is very particular. She would rather be at a social function, with all eyes on her, than at home with her partner. The Cancer Man will have trouble keeping the Leo female happy because he would rather be at home or simply together instead of sharing his time with others.


If this Cancer-Leo relationship is going to work, then the Cancer Man needs to be able to put aside most of his personality to make the Sun the center of his universe. He can understand quickly the needs of his Leo lady, but will he want to stick around after he starts to understand her?


All his energy will go towards pleasing his Leo Woman. The Cancer male will have to learn to toughen up and hide his sensitive side to stay positive.

Leo women won’t understand this side of the Cancer Man and perhaps won’t even recognize when he is upset with something. She can be very demanding and won’t always be willing to give into the relationship as much as Cancer Men will have to.

The Cancerian enjoys stability and building a strong relationship on emotions and feelings. The Leo Woman won’t either have the time or understanding for such things. She needs to feel love to understand its power and passion.

Eventually, the emotions the Cancer Man has been putting aside to please his Leo Woman will burst forth into a sobbing rage. He is putting all the effort into their love match while she is just gobbling it all up without giving anything back.

This will probably happen after the Cancer Man has become seriously jealous of all the attention the Leo Woman likes to get from other people. At this point, she won’t feel ashamed, but instead, she will feel like he has betrayed her.

The Leo female isn’t looking to settle down any time soon and become the star of one family, she wants to be the center of attention in her entire society.

She will often break off the relationship at that time. What might appear to be a working relationship, in the beginning, is simply a series of mirrors and smoke till the glass starts to crack under the pressure.


Cancer is a water sign that is cardinal and Leo is a fire sign that is fixed by nature. The compatibility gets a TWO Hearts love rating.

If the Cancer Man isn’t willing to put aside his nature and sell his soul to the Sun, then there isn’t much scope for zodiac compatibility, not to mention, a long-lasting relationship.

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