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What Is A Feng Shui Singing Bowl?

Purify Your Life and Space With a Feng Shui Singing Bowl

You may wonder what a Feng Shui singing bowl is. Feng Shui bowls are sound instruments that are used to eliminate negative energy from the surroundings. These bowls are usually round and hand-made by skilled artisans who use the right mix of metals and shape them to produce the right sound. But all these bowls come in different sizes.


Types of Feng Shui Singing Bowls

There are different types of Feng Shui singing bowls, but they have various names and vary in sound with each bowl. One can also choose to have a smaller singing bowl or a larger one depending on your preference.

So, the Feng Shui singing bowls are usually made of seven different metals. To create that perfect sound that will calm the spirit and help eliminate the negative energy. But these metals like gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc. Dreaming of Zinc.


But these metals represent different aspects relating to the surroundings if this is incorporated to ensure that they unblock the chi. So here is what each metal represents.

#1. Gold

It represents the sun and the ultimate yang energy. Silver this metal represents the moon and yin energy.


#2. Copper

This metal represents Venus.

#3. Iron

This represents Mars.

#4. Tin

This represents Jupiter.


#5. Lead

This represents Saturn.

#6. Zinc

Represents mercury

#7. Gold and silver

Using the different metals to make a bowl, the gold and silver represent the ultimate harmony in yin and yang energy within the bowl.

knowing what a Feng Shui singing bowl is, you will need to know what they are used for, but how can you use them to effectively remove the negative energy?

Feng Shui Singing Bowl Creates Harmony

Feng shui singing bowls are used to create a special sound harmony when hit symbolically. Hence the sounds touch all the spaces bringing yin and yang energy to your home. This balance of energy leaves people feeling balanced and in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

The singing bowls also bring about the yang essence into the heart of your living space, and in time, the singing bowls will respond to your natural energy.

Different Sounds from a Feng Shui Singing Bowl

So the first thing you need to do is know your Feng Shui singing bowl as each singing bowl has a different sound compared to the other and the space you are using the bowl.

Then you will notice that as you move around a certain space, the sound differs. The bowl will also resonate differently if your energy changes at different times.

So the first thing you need to do to find that specific sound place is the singing bowl on a small cushion on your left palm and carry it around to improve and purify the bowl’s sound.

But take the mallet provided wooden or metallic, and gently strike the rim of the singing bowl. Many people hear different sounds, but as you continue to purify your living spaces, the sound emitted will become clearer and sharper, reflecting the surrounding areas’ energy.

You will also become aware of subtle sound changes, so continue to use the Feng Shui singing bowl. Another way to make the bowl sing is by rubbing the mallet around the rim of the singing bowl.

You can do this by moving the mallet in a clockwise direction and ensuring that the tension on the rim of the bowl is consistent and firm as the sound increases. If this doesn’t work, start by striking the bowl first to wake it up, then return to rubbing the bowl’s rim.

After consistent use, they will become good at using the singing bowl and will surely be surprised by the beauty of the Feng Shui singing bowl’s sound.

You can also add a small amount of water to your bowl and see if it creates a different sound when rubbing the bowl’s rim. This will affect the different tones emitted as you continue to add more water to the bowl.

So make sure that you experiment and see what fits your taste. But this helps to find the right tone with a particular affinity with the space clearing off the negative energy.

#10. Different Vibrations

Using the Feng Shui singing bowl a couple of times, one will familiarize yourself with it and recognize the different vibrations and tones.

You will also know when the tones change within seconds from an un-harmonious sound to a perfectly humming sound. Hence, the sound emitted by the bowl balances the surrounding chi. If this makes the bowl sing, it sends out a wonderful and harmonious humming which is soothing.

Before you start using a Feng Shui singing bowl, begin by making sure that the windows opened. So, this helps to refresh the air in your living spaces.

But remember to leave the windows open after cleansing your living spaces with your singing bowl for about an hour. Now that you know this make sure that you focus the mind and concentrate on the cleansing.

Visualization with a Feng Shui Singing Bowl

To visualize, the bowl absorbs the negative energy in your living spaces. Also, visualize this negative energy being transformed into positive energy and filling your living spaces.

So you can get a Feng Shui singing bowl from shops and online stores. But make sure that you are careful before you send the seller money to get an authentic bowl.

Fengshui singing bowl

So with the knowledge provided above, you choose wisely between the different Feng Shui singing bowl types.

So make sure that you get the right singing bowl which will be perfect for you. Find the right fit and different ways to use the singing bowl to help purify your living quarters.

Make sure always to keep your singing bowls wrapped in soft materials such as velvet and silk. Also, ensure that you always use it often to keep it in tune with your living space’s vibrations.

Remove all the negative energies in your living space, and keep your singing bowl in good shape.


So, buying a Feng Shui singing bowl makes always research its source. If you are buying over the internet, make sure that you view the bowl first to ensure that it is authentic and good. So can choose from the various sizes and their use.

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