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Creative Solutions from a Single Tarot Card

Single Tarot Card Creative Solutions

Tarot helps you to take a “beginner’s mind” attitude to your problems, so you can gain some perspective and see a challenge in a new way. The Single Tarot Card Creative Solutions method helps you to find a solution to a puzzle in one card.



The Single Card method is easy to use. First, write down the situation/ problem in a single sentence of no more than twenty words. Writing the problem down clarifies your current thinking on an issue. Don’t skip this step. Occasionally I’ve found that seeing a problem in writing is enough for me to see a solution.


Then shuffle your tarot deck facedown and pick a single card from the deck. This single card contains the solution to your problem.

The answer will usually not be immediately obvious, although it may be. For example, I suffer from arthritis in my hands, and one day last week, I was depressed because despite all the vitamins I was taking, the exercises I did each day, and the self-massages I carried out, my fingers were stiff and achy.


I wrote: “How can I improve the situation with my hands?” I shuffled the cards and pulled card 12, the Hanged Man, from the deck. Hmmm. This is one of my favorite cards. It’s never seemed grim to me. The Hanged Man may be hanging by one leg, but he looks comfortable and relaxed. The card’s basic theme is to let go and try turning your current thinking/ situation upside-down.


So, how can I turn my thinking about my arthritis upside down? Maybe I should relax more: instead of taking an aggressive approach to this condition, maybe I should practice a little relaxation and acceptance. And that’s what I did. I decided I was doing all I could do and practiced some creative non-doing.

Creative Questions for Solutions with Single Tarot Card

Essentially, asking the tarot cards questions is talking to yourself: a wiser, more creative self. When you ask the cards for solutions, you’re asking for ideas. You’ll still have to implement the ideas you come up with.

Try questions along these lines:

Can you show me how to…?
What’s the basis of…?
What is influencing…?
How can I ….?
What is the next step in…?
What am I unaware of about situation X?

The card I’ve drawn is irrelevant.

Remember that the card you draw is meant to spark your inspiration, it won’t give you a Yes/ No answer, and it won’t tell you what to do. If the card you draw seems irrelevant, don’t discount it immediately. Keep the card where you can see it. Prop it up on your dressing table or next to your computer.

If you have the time, take a few minutes to describe the situation on the card. Just write down what is happening in the card, as if you were trying to describe the card to someone who has never seen it.

You can also draw a card. I’m no artist, but I’ve found it helpful to sketch several of the card symbols using the symbols’ colors. It’s important to relax and give your subconscious mind time to communicate with you.

Should you select another card? Be calm, and use your intuition. What’s your gut feeling? If I’ve decided to work with one card, I rarely pick another card unless I get a strong impression that I should. If the card you chose sparks another question, you can certainly pick a card for the new question; remember to write down your new question first.

Visualize the card as an environment

If a card makes a strong impression on you, you may like to interact imaginatively with the card. This is a form of meditation, so make sure you have some time alone to do this.

Close your eyes, and imagine the card life-size. You can imagine the card as large as a movie screen. Then imagine the card as a complete environment in three dimensions, and in your mind’s eye, imagine yourself entering the card as if you were stepping through a doorway.

Explore the environment in the card. You can interact with the people on the card. If you’re interacting with the Hanged Man, for example, ask him a question.

These visualizations are similar to dreaming, although you’re awake. After you complete your visualization, write down any realizations you’ve had immediately. If you don’t write them down, they’ll fade quickly.


Please note: you should never use the tarot to diagnose or treat your medical conditions or those of others. If you have a medical problem, get advice from a doctor.

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