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Tibetan Astrology

Tibetan Astrology

Tibetan Astrology is one of the ten sciences of Tibetan cultural tradition. Tibetan astrology has been around for over 10 centuries. It is similar to the cultural traditions of Indian and Chinese.

There are 12 different astrological signs:


  • Mouse/Rat
  • Bull/Elephant/Ox
  • Tiger
  • Hare
  • Dragon/naga
  • Snake/serpent
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Ape/Monkey
  • Bird/Rooster/FengHuang – See Also: Dream about Rooster
  • Dog
  • Pig/Boar


Tibetan astrology also has five elements which are:

  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Iron

Tibetan astrology also has male or female symbols for each sign.

Tibetan astrology is a mix of Western astrology and Chinese astrology so you will see similarities. There are 12 sun signs in Tibetan astrology as well as the 12 sun signs in Western astrology. The 12 animals in Tibetan astrology are very similar if not the same as the animals in Chinese astrology.


In ancient times and also to this day, the Tibetans have been extremely psychic. Though it may have only seemed that most of them were psychic. Likely, they were only able to have the mystical knowledge of accurately being able to read the stars.


With this knowledge, the Tibetans were able to help people understand which businesses were best for them to take up, who they should marry when they should plant which crops to yield the best results, and even what enemies to avoid.  The Tibetans who held the knowledge of the stars were able to predict bad weather and prosperous weather.

All the medical practitioners were versed in the study of the stars as well. They could give accurate readings of the diagnosis of their patients based on how the planets were affecting them. No person could be a valid doctor without first knowing the science of astrology at that time.

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You will discover your Tibetan Sun Sign and your animal sign. Your nature will be revealed to you. The signs are: Lug, Läng, Khrig, Kata, Senge, Bhumo, Sang, Dhig, Shü, Chusin, Bhumpa and Nya. Which sign is yours?

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