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Chakra Test For Balancing And Healing

The Chakra Test

Have you taken the chakra test? Are your chakras open and balanced? Are all of your chakras working in perfect order? Is your life perfectly balanced? If you are feeling blissful, and all is well in your peaceful world, then maybe the answer is yes! However, you likely seek to improve much of your life.


What are chakras? How do they predict your life? You can get a report on the state of your chakras. Chakras are energy centers within your body that allow cosmic energy to flow through you. When they are in perfect balance your life makes sense.


Just as a growing tree in a field makes sense of how it is living, how it gives and receives within life, you can become the same. You can become a perfect being in life. You can become a creature that makes sense and knows it too!


Seven “main” chakras have different functions. Some people can have only a few chakras that appear to be working perfectly, while the other chakras are off balance. Balance is the key. Have you ever known someone who had a big heart and great relationships with the people they met?


Yet their home life was upside down, like living in the “slums”. Have you ever known someone who displayed great leadership abilities and was respected and followed by many, yet had serious issues of anger and jealousy?

Some people may display clairvoyance and suggest they have a strong relationship with the divine, yet have much difficulty holding a normal job to care for their physical needs.

Achieving Balance in Life

How can we achieve balance in our lives? It starts with balancing the strength of the chakras. Before you can balance your chakras and therefore balance your life, you will have to be able to test the strength of each chakra at the moment. You can find out which chakras need the most attention by analyzing where in your life you feel the weakest by taking this free 7-chakra test.

Does most of your suffering come from having a hectic home life? Is your living situation out of control? If so, then your root chakra is in the most need of becoming balanced.

Are you always feeling fearful and weak in a group situation? Is it hard to get people to listen to you because you are too shy? Then it is your solar plexus chakra that is in great need of nurturing.

chakra test

These are just a few examples of how unbalanced chakras can influence how you perceive your life experience. You can change and strengthen your life by strengthening and balancing your chakras. It’s as simple as taking the first step of taking the Chakra Test.

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