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7 Health Habits That Will Help You Live To 100

7 Health Habits That Will Help You Live To 100

Since there are just so many tips on how to live a long and healthy life, let’s focus on just seven. That way you won’t get overwhelmed with choice. Also you will have a few major life changes you can introduce now to get to reaching ninety plus or whatever age you hope to reach!

Okay so maybe you do not desire to be a runner as an old man. Even so it would be kind of good if you were still around to see your children and grandchildren for still some time to come. Alternatively to continue to see more of this amazing earth of ours, traveling to far away places right into your twilight years of life!

So lets get you started in the race so to speak on getting to a good innings (as the British say!)


#1. Eat Healthily

If you talk to any Octogenarian (Person aged 80-89) you will find a certain diet made a big difference. Often eating well in moderation is a big plus.

According to the International Business Times article entitled “The Okinawa Diet May Be the Key To Longevity and Help You Live to 110-Years Old” – see link:

rice tofu

Okay so what is so special about this diet? Well it has a low meat component, lots of green vegetables, rice, tofu (meat replacement protein) and bamboo shoots. For a long time the eating of seaweed in Japan has been suspected as warding off cancer. In fact many Western scientists have been trying to develop drugs with using synthetic compounds formed from Japanese seaweed, especially Kombu, the leathery brown type.

The Okinawa Diet, named after the Japanese island it comes from also has pickles, small cubes of pork belly.

While you can already buy this sort of food in food courts in Western countries it is not to everyone’s liking. It is perhaps a matter of an acquired taste just as sushi first was when it hit international Western cities a couple of decades ago.


Other aspects of the Okinawa Diet is the drinking of Turmeric, Jasmine and Green teas all of which are said to reduce or prevent cancer.

Some clues to their longevity also lies in their consumption of squid and octopi and eating fish three times a week. This keeps unhealthy cholesterol down and blood pressure too.

Essentially the Japanese in this part of the country are eating the perfect diet, low in fatty meats, high in fish and seafood, some whole grains, tofu which is very good for you and of course the herbal teas which are anti-carcinogenic.

The other factor is probably the lack of contaminants near to the source of their diet, meaning they don’t get heavy metals or pollutants carried up the food chain to human consumption as much as we would in the over-developed countries and regions of the world.

green tea

#2. Drink Plenty Of Water

We already know that water flushed out dead cells and toxins. This both reduces weight and purifies our body. In addition water helps cells re-generate, re-grow and therefore keep our skin healthy and possibly our whole body.

It is when cells stop growing or grow the wrong way that we start to age and organs get sick. Continually drinking a litre of water or more a day throughout one’s life is a great way to keep it healthy and live to an old age!

drink water

#3. Moderate Alcohol Consumption

It appears that moderate alcohol consumption is better than none at all. This is especially the case when it comes to drinking alcoholic beverages such as red wine which of course has high antioxidants and has been known to stabilize blood sugar in diabetes 2 patients.

Again it is about moderation and that means 1-2 drinks a day and not every day although the studies say that fine. From a health view point it is a healthy practice to have 1-2 days at least per week with no alcohol.

red wine

So let’s look at how alcohol in moderation can have benefits and enable you to live longer:

a) It reduces stress and any scientist or doctor nowadays will tell you stress is a real killer in our modern world. It (Bad stress) causes heart disease, strokes, cancer, can cause diabetes and of course it can trigger mental illness episodes.

b) Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke.

c) Reduces risk of gallstones.

d) Reduce risk of diabetes 2 or as mentioned above stabilizes sugar levels once the condition exists.

e) Well being. Studies have shown that people’s well overall well being is improved by a drink or so.

f) Reduces incidence of colds and flus. Red wine especially is high in antioxidants preventing this kind of sickness. Brandy is said to be good for fighting a cold even if it is an old wives’ remedy it seems to work!

Sometimes though it might be that placebo effect that makes the patient feel better by having a drink than actual medicinal properties! Ginger wine works wonders for that miserable cold by the way!

g) It helps you forget what you are stressed about even after only two drinks (stick to that!).

If you are not convinced, thinking I have made it all up as part of a pro-drinking crusade and/or want to know more go to this source for more evidence! –

#4. Right Attitude

Many old people also say the right attitude to life has gotten them to old age. Some swear that you always make up after an argument with a spouse or partner before bed. Others say just seeing their spouse or partner as a good friend helps their relationship. Good marriages and relationships seem to lead more to longevity from true stories and scientific evidence.

Here is some scientific evidence that supports not only the fact that marriage and partnership relationships increase life expectancy but also friendships and social circles – see

old runner

#5. Plenty of Sleep

In other words try and get 8 hours sleep a night. Depriving your body of sleep is not something to be proud of or boast about. It might be in your teens or twenties when you feel you want to stay up all night. You can actually do so without your parents’ permission.

Long-term though sleep deficiency can lead to diseases, mental illness and even death in extreme cases when normal heavy colds or pneumonia hits even a young, otherwise fit person. So relish your sleep time, make it a special time when you allow your body and mind to rejuvenate. It will keep going a lot longer if you do!


#6. Exercise

So we have mentioned all the obvious except one last factor, exercise. If you have not been doing it for a while, re-start it now. Do whatever exercise you can, whenever you can and try and enjoy it.

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Somehow in our competitive world, we have made people think they have to do this kind of exercise, either competitive sports or gym namely. Neither of these may suit you. A walk along the beach, around your block, a swim at a nearby beach or pool, even bowling, they are all exercise you can do and enjoy and be social too at the same time.


#7. Hobbies For Mental Agility

These are great for giving us a sense of fun and purpose. Some really good activities for the brain include online mental gyms like Alternatively you can do the crossword. If you are already at retirement age why not meet with some friends in the afternoon in the park. Do the crossword together first, satisfying the mental exercising, the social interaction and then to satisfy the physical exercise all go for a brisk walk around the park or a jog.


So now you have a few clues on how you too might reach a ripe old age or a good innings as the British would have said. I think we all know to listen to our bodies and minds. To do this is perhaps the greatest way to reach a healthy old age.

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