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Why You Must Drink Water?

Why You Must Drink Water?

The reasons to drink water, an essential part of life and us are numerous. This article covers the main purpose of water in our diet.

Water structure (shown below) – how could a natural molecule with such a simple structure have so many applications and be our own source of life, without which we would die within a day!

Water is one of those things we all know is really good for us but most of us do not drink as much as we should do. Why is this? Well for many of us water can taste bland, boring compared to all the diverse range of sugar flavored soda drinks. It is not surprising we turn our nose up at plain old water.

But did you know that is makes sense to drink water since as adults water makes up 60-65% of our bodies.

Here are some of the major reasons you should not only drink water but in relatively large quantities (That is at least 1L or 8 cups in normal weather, up to 2L in hot weather or heatwaves):-

water1. Weight Loss. Everyone should care about this one. It helps you lose weight and keep it off. How easy to get in shape?

2. Toxin removal. It removes dead toxins and flushes  your system naturally. This in turn reduces the risk of painful kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

3. Overall well-being. Sure a soda drink gives you a temporary sugar and energy high, maybe a buzz even but water gives you a natural long-term daily high.

This is due to it replenishing all the organs and flushing out what is not needed, ensuring your body’s system is at an optimum performance.

4. Immunity. It is known to flush cold and flu bugs away quickly and protect against them in the first place.

weight loss5. Headache & migraine avoidance. The constant hydration prevents the incidence of headaches. Sometimes dehydration on a hot day can cause headaches or migraines.

6. Relaxation. Many people cite have a glass of water and taking deep breaths when under times of stress. It is a great idea to ask for a glass of water before you go into an interview or to take one in with you to a similar important meeting.

Sipping water slows stops the dry mouth syndrome that can occur in a busy stressful work day, especially from having too many processed foods and soda drinks and coffee. Water will serve to slow you down as a drink and de-stress you immediately in the office.

7. Energy. Water is a natural source of energy unlike no other liquid and usually it is free!

8. Long-term drinking of a 1L or more of water a day will result in healthier, glowing skin. This is because the toxins and dead cells are being eliminated daily, your inner body is healthy and this is reflected on your outer skin too!

9. Cancer reduction. Water probably due to its toxin removal properties is said to reduce the incidence of colon, breast and bladder cancers.

10. Keeps you regular. That is it stops you getting constipated. Constipation in turn can result in very uncomfortable hemorrhoids (internal or external) which may require minor surgery over time and may re-occur once they have formed once.

heart attack

11. Heart attack reduction. New research in heart disease has uncovered that drinking high levels of water is necessary for a healthy heart to function. Also that it is a very good practice to have a glass of water before bed time and to have a glass near when you go to bed.

Apparently if someone has a heart attack or stroke having water and half an aspirin immediately will reduce damage and increase their chance of survival.

12. Reduces body aches and pains. When drinking water it lubricates the joints and parts of the body more and so aches and pains occur less if at all.

13. Digestion. Water is the best liquid for digesting food, breaking it down and allowing the body to process it reducing the incidence of either flatulence or constipation at the other end of the spectrum.

14. Diabetes prevention. Not drinking enough water is said to be potentially a cause for diabetes 2, especially when instead of water someone drinks excessive amounts of high sugar, carbonated drinks.

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So hopefully this has convinced you to take that glass of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night. More importantly to always carry a water bottle (750-1000mL) with you. That way you will force yourself into drinking water continually throughout the day.

Now its time to raise that glass of clear, not so boring water and say “Cheers to life”!:-)

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