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The Most Common Psychic Skill – Telepathy

Telepathy: The Most Common Psychic Skill 

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the practice of mind-to-mind communication. At the same time, few people can profess to have the ability to communicate with the spirit world, many people the world over report having experienced some degree of telepathic communication.

Hearing the telephone ring and knowing instinctively who is calling (without seeing the caller ID, of course!), having a premonition that someone close to you is hurt or unwell, finding yourself saying the same thing at the same time as a close friend, a pet who jumps up at the window to welcome home its owners before their car has even turned into the drive – these are the kind of day-to-day telepathy that everyday people say happens to them.


…But Where’s the Science?

Of course, many skeptics out there view telepathy as nothing more than science fiction.  But, in 2014, scientists from Barcelona, Strasbourg, and Boston experimented with ‘brain-to-brain communication and detailed its successful outcome in the scientific publication PLOS One magazine.

The experiment was complicated. It involved a scientist in India wearing specialized headgear to transfer thought ‘data’. This he did by moving either his hands or his feet to represent 0 or 1 in binary coding.  The results were transferred via email to Strasbourg. It was then forwarded to the recipient scientist in France, who also wore specialized headgear to receive the binary-encoded messages.


The upshot of this detailed procedure was the accurate transference of the words ‘hola’ (‘hello’ in Spanish) and ‘ciao’ (goodbye in Italian).  Although the world’s media were quick to grasp the result as proof of psychic telepathy, scientists were more restrained, emphasizing that there is no proof that ‘brain-to-brain communication can take place without using a technological interface.



Parapsychologists (those who study paranormal psychic phenomena)consider telepathy to be part of a host of psychic abilities collectively known by the term ‘extra sensory perception’ (ESP).  Telepathy sits alongside other psychic skills such as telekinesis, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

Many experiments have been conducted to investigate the likelihood of ESP abilities.  Probably the most famous study was undertaken as far back as 1934.  At Dukes University, the US used a series of cards to test whether participants could accurately predict the symbol printed on the side hidden from their view.

The results were impressive, with some participants scoring almost twice the number of correct outcomes as mere chance would expect.  However, despite similar experiments being conducted over the decades since Rhine’s death, similarly, impressive results have never been recorded.  So, what’s to be made of ESP?  Is it a thing, or not?


Seek and You Will Find

Abraham Lincoln said, “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.” And the same principle could be said to hold for telepathy.  For those who skeptically raise an eyebrow at the idea of extrasensory powers, evidence to disprove its existence will always be more persuasive than the opposite.

However, for the people who keep an open mind about such things, there can be rich rewards in pursuing the paranormal.  The key to opening yourself up to psychic possibilities is banishing negative, disbelieving thoughts from your mind.

While every you doubt or skepticism clogs up your head, psychic messages won’t ever stand a chance of filtering through.  So, if you want to see if telepathy works for you, first things first – believe that it will! Hang onto that thought!

Create Your Space

So, you have an open and positive frame of mind – what else can you do to enhance your telepathic ability?  Finding a quiet, calm place where you concentrate is essential.  To focus on your sixth sense requires the absence of distracting background noise.

As you first begin to tune into your psychic abilities, you will probably find it easier if you switch off your phone, computer, or anything else that might interrupt the meditative state of mind you wish to achieve.  Some people find it helpful to sit in a room with soothingly neutral colors to clear their minds.

Others find that being outdoors, beside a stream or in a wooded area, with the peaceful hum of nature in the background allows them to focus their thoughts most easily.  Wherever your preference takes you, allocate yourself a block of time without disruptions.  It would help if you had time to give yourself over entirely to the task of meditative thought.

If you have other things pressing on your time, you will likely find your mind wandering.  So, for the greatest success, avoid trying to wedge in a few minutes for telepathy between other activities. Do not worry that you will be late to collect the children or make an important phone call.

Crystals That Help Telepathy

Having the power of healing crystals in your meditative space may help you as you develop your telepathic ability.  Blue chalcedony is a good choice, offering flexibility of thought and verbal dexterity.  It is also noted for its ability to enhance the balance between mind, body, and spirit.  Natrolite, a lustrous white or clear crystal, is renowned for creating high-energy psychic shifts.

It is good for absorbing negative energies and offers psychic protection if worn next to the skin.  Blue lazulite is the Stone of Heaven. It has beautiful properties, channel intuitive power, and create a blissful inner sense of being.

You might choose to place your crystals around the room to create a powerful energy field. This helps you meditate.  Alternatively, many people find that wearing their chosen crystals in the form of jewelry is an even more potent form of psychic aid.

Telepathic Training

Like many things in life, the gift of telepathy improves by practice.  There are 5 simple steps you can follow to improve your telepathic ability:

1. It would help if you believed that telepathy is possible and successfully transfer your thoughts to the receiver.

2. Focus on your psychic thoughts and the message you wish to deliver by eliminating the physical distractions around you. Listening to white noise may help you to switch off from your surroundings.

3. Relax your body to relax your mind. Tense, tired muscles will create a physical distraction to your psychic mind.  Sitting with your spine in a neutral position, focus on your feet, and eliminate any tension by stretching and relaxing your muscles. Then work your way up to your body in the same way.


4. Clear your mind of any ‘buzz’ thoughts that fly in to distract you from your task. It may take time and practice to discern the ‘buzzing’ from your psychic inner voice.

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