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5 Ways To Discover Your Elemental Affinity

5 Ways To Discover Your Elemental Affinity

ome people work very well when they are near the ocean. Some people prefer to do their mysticism far in the forest. Some people like their rituals done around a bonfire, or in caves, or out in an open field. What elemental significance do these choices have, and how can you identify your elemental affinity? Find out!

It is a fact that some people resonate with certain places or ideas. What might seem like a perfect spot for meditation or circle work for one person might completely throw off the groove of another. Everyone has an affinity for a certain element, and here’s how you can find yours.

Red associates with mountains, and is the fire element. Blue associates with islands and beaches, and is water. White associates with open spaces and fields, and is air element. Green associates with trees and woodland, and is earth element. Black associates with dark and hidden places, and is the spirit element.

1. Right now, with no forethought, imagine a place you’d rather be in nature. Shut your eyes, and picture it. You must do this quickly and with no time to think about it, or your subconscious will be tainted by those thoughts. What did you see? A beach? A mountaintop? That fleeting image is tied to your affinity.

2. Prepare five items, each coloured one of red, blue, white, green, or black. close your eyes and shuffle them around or have someone else shuffle them for you. Slowly pass your dominant hand over the items, several times. Concentrate on the energy in your body being focused in that hand. If you can feel a pull or indication toward one of the colours, hover your hand over it for a second. Once you are sure that item is the one that resonates the most, put your hand on it, and open your eyes.

3. Go and visit the kinds of places described above for each element. While you are in those places, shut your eyes and try to enter a meditative state. Which place is the simplest to find inner silence? Which is the least? That may indicate your affinity.

4. The use of a pendulum can tap into your subconscious mind and tell you secrets about yourself. Draw a circle on a piece of paper, and draw a cross through it. With your elbow on the table, hold the pendulum directly above the center point of the circle. Assign each element to one of the following motions: vertical swing, horizontal swing, counterclockwise swing, clockwise swing, and no movement. Your subconscious will help you indicate which of the elements it resonates with.

5. During one day, wear a piece of clothing of each of the five colours. A red and blue pair of socks, a green and black pair of gloves, and a white hat, or any selection of articles of clothing. Make sure they are seperate and do not touch each other. While you go about your business, periodically check mentally which article feels the most comforting or warm without looking at them. Close your eyes and take mental note of the feelings they give you.

Some people may find that they have inclination to more than one affinity. That’s also great! It means you can work well in both of those places. Some people may find that they have one very strong affinity and one very strong opposite. This is also acceptable, and will tell you more about how you need to work in order to have the best results.

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